How to Maintain Brazilian Butt Lift Results?

If I get Brazilian Butt Lift or fat transfer to the buttocks, how can I maintain its shape and firmness? If I exercise will I lose the "plumpness" of the buttocks?

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Brazilian Butt Lift volume loss with excercise


A Brazilian Butt Lift is another term for autologous fat grafting/augmentation of the buttocks. Once the fat has "taken" meaning it has become vascularized by your circulation it will act much like it was always there. If you lose a lot of weight, eventually you will lose some volume in the buttocks -- if you go on a cheeseburger diet and put on weight, some of that volume will be in the buttocks. Excercise, which does not cause massive weight loss, should not cause loss of buttock volume once it has stabilized post surgically.

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Maintain your results with exercise and diet


The post operative care after a Brazilian Butt lift is very important. In our practice we perform a great deal of education with their patients before the surgery. It is essential that they understand that they must minimize the amount of pressure that they place on their butt after the surgery. All our patients are also fitted with special garments that will provide compressive pressure to the areas where they receive liposuction and will not place pressure on the areas that have received the new fat grafts. This is very important. We also recommend that patients initiate a healthy exercise regimen and a balanced diet. This will help them maintain a great results that they receive from their liposuction and all of their beautiful new curves.

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How can I maintain my Brazilian Butt Lift results?


Hi there-

Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle would be all that is necessary. Exercise, of course is an important component of these, but aggressive dieting and exercise may lead to loss of volume as this would lead to decreased body fat everywhere.

In other words, barring a change in your lifestyle that would result in significant changes in your body even if you had not had a BBL, your result should be maintained.

I hope that helps you!

Please also read the following, as it will help you understand the procedure from a patient's perspective:

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After Brazilian butt enhancement, you had liposuction, NICE CURVES, and fat Transfer to the buttocks, NICER CURVES.

You can maintain the results with a healthy diet and excercise.

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