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Going Bra-less After Implants?

Is a Bra Required to Be Worn Threw out Having Implants?

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I do suggest wearing a bra after breast implants

Each surgeon may differ with postoperative recommendations and wearing bras post augmentation.  In general, I suggest that all of my patients wear a bra as much as they possibly can.  The implants will certainly setlle on their own over time, I'm typically not worried about accelerating this process.  What I DON'T want to happen is ongoing gravity affecting the shape and appearance of the breasts, and the best way to combat this is through support - via a bra.  Certainly, an occasional event without a bra is understood, but to constantly go braless is just asking for gravity to take your breast shape and drag it down.  It will not happen instantly, but it will happen over time.  The implants basically act as a small (or large, depending on the size of the implant) battering ram constantly putting pressure and stretch on the lower portion of your breast tissue and skin, and your breast tissue and skin will lose that fight every time.

So, if you want to avoid seeing your plastic surgeon for a breast lift for as long as possible, wear a bra.

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I allow my patients to go braless after breast implant surgery

After breast implant surgery, I actually prefer my patients go bra-less.  This is because I want the force of gravity to help the breast implants settle into a natural position. I find that when my patients go bra-less, the implants drop faster and look more natural faster.


Each surgeon has his or her own opinion about this topic. I have patients wear a bra 24/7 for one month. After that day time for 2 months. Thereafter as they choose, but recommend wearing a sports bra during exercise. Sometimes I vary this advice based on the looseness of the patient's tissues and the size of the implant.

Bra after breast augmentation

Every surgeon is a bit different with regards to wearing a bra post-op.  I prefer patients wear a wireless bra until sensation comes back to normal in the lower pole of the breast expecially if I have used an inframammary incision.  This usually means about 6 weeks in my practice.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Bras are necessary after breast augmentation

For at least 2 weeks it is necessary IMO to wear a bra and when I use an implant bigger than 350 or so, I have recently gone to an underwire bra 24/7/8 weeks to help heal the implants in place.

Going Bra-less After Implants?

Let's face it the female breast is not a structure which is known for its ability to resist sagging and drooping. Time and gravity will beat the perkiest pair of breasts every single time.

So - what you are essentially asking is - "If I add a lot more weight to my breasts (IE the implants) do I need to wear a bra after wards?" Well - as every one who has watched a Roadrunner cartoon would tell you, every time you are handed a heavy object (such as an anvil or boulder in the case of Wylie Coyote...) you are NOT going to float up but are going down faster.  Adding weight to a structure is is naturally prone to sagging, makes it MORE prone to sagging.

If you want to keep the perky breast appearance longer it would be prudent on your part to combat gravity in any way you can. Wearing a bra is probably the most straight forward way to do so.

Dr. Peter A Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Bra after breast augmentation

It is best to listen to the advice of your surgeon, however I advise patients to wear a bra day and night for at least eight weeks after your surgery.

After you've recovered, wearing a bra will provide support and minimize the risk of sagging, but you won't have to wear a bra all the time.

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