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Botox Price for Forehead Wrinkles?

How much would be the total price of Botox for the forehead if it is priced at 10 dollars per unit?

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Botox Costs


Although most places charge by the unit, I think this can leave people confused and unhappy.  I our practice, we charge by the area treated.  Each area in the upper face costs $175.  Typically treated areas include between the eyebrows (glabella), the forehead, and in the "crow's feet".  First-time patient discounts and other specials often apply.  There are several benefits to charging by the area:

  • We use as much Botox as is necessary to work, but don't overuse
  • You are guaranteed the muscles will be paralyzed.  If not enough was used, touch ups are done at no cost.  Again, you pay for the area and not the amount of medication used.  Its my job to make sure I use enough.
  • You know exactly how much it will be before you come in.  No surprises.

As a side note, I typically use between 20 (one area) and 60 (3 areas) units for the upper face, so the total cost is less than $10/unit.

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Price of Botox treatment at $10.00 per unit


First of all, be careful chosing the Doctor who will inject the Botox.

Most experienced  Board Certified Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons will charge more than $10.00 per unit, although it is possible that you may get very good results at this price.

We inject between 14 and 22 units on the brow and 8  to 16 units on the forehead, to start with.

We often  review the results 2 weeks later, especially for new patients. We can then inject additional units  if necessary.

We charge $13.00 per unit.

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No way of knowing.  First I'm not sure everyone prices Botox at $10 per unit and if they do, there's no way to tell how many units your forehead would require.  In our Beverly Hills/Los Angeles office, we charge $300 per area for Botox and the forehad takes typically 2 areas for a total cost of $600.

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Botox - cost


In general, the forehead requires anywhere from 10-20 units of botox depending on the patient's anatomy.  Therefore at $10 a unit this should run you anywhere from $100-$200.  In your consultation, you should feel comfortable talking to your surgeon about how many units he/she thinks you'll need prior to injecting.  That way you will have a better understanding as to how much your total cost will be.

Dr. Cat Begovic M.D.

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Cost of Botox

The total cost of Botox for treating a patients forehead lines will be different from patient to patient.  Some patients will require more Botox than others depending on how deep the lines are and how strong the patients facial muscles are.  I suggest discussing how many units you will need with the healthcare provider injecting you.  This will give you a better estimate of how much your total cost will be. 
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Botox price for forehead wrinkles

There are 2 groups of muscles on the  Forehead that are typically injected with Botox, so it depends on which group of muscles you want to inject. The corrugator muscle complex usually requires 20 units, and the frontalis muscle requires 25 units. The corrugator injections tend to last longer than the frontalis injections.

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Botox Price for Forehead Wrinkles?


Depends on the city that where you live and physician and anesthesia. For this we can not say exactly. 

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Botox for forehead


Botox for the forehead wrinkles will average around $100-$500 a treatment. Foreheads are one of the more difficult areas to treat. Under treat and you still have wrinkles, over treat and your brows drop. You can also get a droopy eyelid from the forehead injection.

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Botox for Forehead Wrinkles


Thanks for your question. In the SF Bay Area, the price for Botox ranges from $12 to $20 per unit. The cost would be dependent on the total number of units used in your treatment. Each patient is different, but the average forehead treatment is around 10 to 15 units for horizontal forehead lines.  If you add in the area between the eyebrows (glabella, or frown lines), that would be another 20 units or so.

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Botox Price for forehead


Botox for $10 unit is quite low and not likely to be offered at that price by a board-certified specialist who is well trained in neurotoxin injection technique.  


My office charges by the area rather than by the unit.  I prefer to be rather conservative with my treatments in the forehead area to give the desired result but preserve animation and prevent the "static" appearance of an over injected forehead.

We charge $240 for the forehead and the same amount for the glabellar region if there is significant hyperactivity of the corrugator muscles.

That being said, all individuals are different and some may need slightly more or less product depending on their muscle bulk, hyperactivity and previous treatments.

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Jacque P. LeBeau, MD


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