Beyonce's Hips and Kardashian's Butt Through Brazilian Butt Lift?

I have absolutely no hips or butt so I am considering the Brazilian Butt Lift and hip injections. I really want Beyonce's hips and a Kim Kardashian's butt. Is it possible to achieve these looks through surgery? How are these procedures suppose to last? Also, how does weight loss after the procedures affect the area that had work done?

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Hip injections key to Beyonce like hips


Georgiapeach, here are the most important things to remember if you want Beyonce like hips:

  1. Very precise harvesting, processing, and injection of fat (Check out video below)
  2. Injection into the saddlebag area, or greater trochanter, which gives better width at the hips and perks up the butt by acting as a column of support.
  3. Look at the results the Surgeon has published, but more importantly ask how he processes and injects the fat

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Creating a butt like Kim Kardashian


Thank you for the great question! Here in South Florida, we very commonly receive requests to contour the patient's body like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, etc. The most important goal is to make sure that the contouring results fit your body. A Brazilian butt lift is an extremely effective way to contour the abdomen and butt. We perform thorough liposuction through the abdomen hips waist lower back and posterior thighs.

The fat that is collected is then cleaned and processed and strategically grafted to the butt region. This creates a full and natural looking butt that will last your lifetime. The final size of your butt depends on the amount of tissue that we transfer to this area. Your best bet is to only work with a plastic surgeon board-certified by the American Board of plastic surgery who has a great deal of experience with this procedure. During the initial consultation, we review with the patient their options and use digital photography as well as computer morphing software to give them an idea of what they could look like. Please take a look at the photos we have posted on this site to get an idea of this type of body contouring surgery.

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Brazialian Buttock Lift In Hopes of Beyonce and Kardashian Shape


The true answer to your question all relies on the amount of fat you have available to transfer. Also, your bone structure, rib cage diamter and hip bone width all influence your overall potential for dramatic curves like the cleberities your mention.  Even if you do not have optimal bone anatomy, curves can be made with fat cells. In general, your surgeon should prioritize where he injects your fat very carefully, because every fat cell is precious and needs to have a chance to survive and thrive.  If there is a large amount of fat available, then you can have your buttock augmented centrally, and laterally. The lateral or side of the buttocks can be enhanced to improve your hip circumference so that you improve your waist-to-hip ratio. Exaggerated waist to hip ratio is one of the keys to obtaining Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, or Marilyn Monroe type curves.  However, if you do not have a lot of fat or your surgeon waists your fat by not performing the proper techniques or not injecting your fat in the right locations, then you may never have enough fat to transfer in the future.  As with all plastic surgery, your first surgery is your  best shot at getting things to be aesthetically optimal.  Having said that, if you gain weight and have more fat to use later, then your surgeon can inject fat on the second session in the hip area to give your more Beyonce-like hips. 

Hope this was helpful. Make sure you always choose a surgeon that is board certified by the Ameican Board of Plastic Surgery and who has performed a lot of fat transfer to the buttocks.

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Beyonce's Hips and Kardashian's Butt Through Brazilian Butt Lift?


Definitely the results will depend on the shape of your body prior to surgery, the way the surgeon molds your body, the previous size of the buttocks and hips and the amount of fat we can get.
However, the body of a woman can change greatly with liposuction and transfer to the places needed

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Brazilian Butt lift can create curves


While no one can promise you Beyonce's hips or Kim's butt, the Brazilian Butt lift is the procedure we use to create an hourglass figure.  The BBL uses liposuction to remove fat from areas where you don't need it (often the abdomen, love handles and/or thighs) and then that fat is used to round out your butt and/or hips.  Whether or not you are a candidate is dependent on the amount of fat you have stored elsewhere on your body, as well as your general health.    Because this procedure involves your own fat, the results are long-lasting.  If you lose weight after surgery, you may lose some volume in your hips/butt, but weight loss is proportional so your overall shape will be maintained. Please consider scheduling a consultation with a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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Brazilian Butt Lift can improve overall contour


Georgia Peach in VA,

Thanks for the question. The answer is that Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are individuals and the fat distribution and body frames are unique to them. Having said that, a Brazilian Butt Lift can shape a woman's waist, thighs, hips and butt improving her overall contour. The first step would be to schedule a consult with a plastic surgeon and have an evaluation to see if you a good candidate for that procedure. If you are a good candidate the surgeon can give you an idea of what is possible to improve your contour.

Hope this was helpful.

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You can have a butt like kim kardashian


I have had a number of patients that got a curvy and sexy figure with a perky buttocks, thanks to Brazilian Buttock Augmentation and body liposculpture. this is a wounderful procedure that can greaty enhance a woman's figure and self confidence.

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Brazilian Butt Lift or implants are the only safe choices for buttock enlargement


Hi there-

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a great option for women who have excess fat available to re-distribution to the buttocks and/or hips, allowing the possibility of a dramatic improvement in shape.

The major benefits if the BBL are that it is a permanent improvement, and gives a very natural appearance and feel to the buttocks (because it's made out of your own fat!).

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Beyonce's Hips and Kardashian's Butt Through Brazilian Butt Lift

Your ability to achieve a full look in the buttocks and hips will depend on where you start from in terms of pre-existing volume and available fat. Some women with slim buttocks and hips may have waist, abdominal or thigh fat that can be used. If a patient is slim all over, this is not possible. Buttock implants are an option for the slim lady with insufficient fat for buttock augmentation.
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Fat transfer to the buttock and hips


The fat from a fat transfer will be permanent, however, about 30-40% of the fat will initially get reabsorbed. The final shape you will have depends on your body's musculoskeletal anatomy. This means that if you have naturally wide hips like Beyonce or K.Kardashian, you will likely have a better outcome than someone with narrow hips. All your surgeon can do is to place the fat in areas where you need it, and take away the fat from the undesirable places. You can not necessarily end up looking like a celebrity, however, if your waist to hip ratio can be improved, you will have a great overall look. Consult with a few experienced board certified plastic surgeons before undergoing this procedure.

Best wishes,


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