How is the Y-Lift Different Form a "Liquid Facelift"?

The Y Lift® procedure, according to Dr trokel's website,: "is performed using a specialized titanium instrument which is inserted beneath the skin and then maneuvered throughout designated parts of the facial region to instantly lift and contour..." What exactly is the titanium instrument? Is it similar to liposuction, laser lipo,... The doctors on here so far do not really discuss this part of the procedure, but only go on to talk about how it is really just like getting HA fillers injected.

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Y lift vs liquid

Surgeon techniques differ, as do results, bedside manner, and experience That said, look for someone who is board certified in plastic surgery; meet with a PS and find someone with whom you are comfortable. Please don't get lost in the specifics of a procedure. Many of my colleagues cannot agree on a specific way to address issues. Your interest should be the final result. How you get there is the partnership between you and your plastic surgeon.

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It seems the Y lift is not different from a "liquid facelift", but a type of "liquid facelift".  Many surgeons will coin a phrase to differentiate their particular technique of the use of fillers- this one appears to use a special instrument for administration of the filler.  This doesn't mean it's good or bad, better or worse- discuss the procedure with your surgeon and if  you both feel that it will achieve your goals, don't worry about the name.  

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Cannula Is Blunt Instead of Sharp for This Technique

    The only difference between this technique and injecting fillers is that this technique uses a blunt cannula and fillers in the past used sharp needles.

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How is the Y-Lift Different Form a "Liquid Facelift"?

The Y-lift is just another name someone put on an attempt to correct sagging of the face. After looking it up on Google, it appears to be a filler using a different needle or cannula (a needle without a point). then he injects a hyalurponic acid filler as Restylane or Juvederm. Basically he is revolumizing the face with a temporary filler. The name "Liquid facelift" was first used for the product Sculptra, and excellent product. Re-volumizing the face can lift as well, but it is not a facelift by any means.

In people who have more volume loss than loss of elasticity, re-volumizing can be very effective. The Y-lift looks to me like nothing special. Titanium is a light-weight metal and will offer no advantage over other metals used for cannulas.

Cannulas, such as the Dermasculpt micro-cannula, for injecting fillers are quite common and widely used by plastic surgeons.


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The Y lift

Yeah, yeah,  yeah, I've heard it all before.  trust me there is no  "magic" out there although many would have you think there is.  Most facelifts are essentially the same.  Cutting around the ears and pulling the skin tight.  Except for the so called liquid facelift, which is not a true facelift but just involves fattening your face up with fillers.

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Y-lift not a lift at all, but rather a fill.

The various forms of liquid lift are great providing the patient realizes that you cannot get the reduction of extra skin or long term contouring to the neck unless you do something else as well.

In addition, when you look at the sites that show photos of techniques, you need to look for post treatment pictures that are taken after three months to decide the extent of durability and effectiveness. 

A sunburn or beating the face with a fly-swatter will make the face look more youthful for five days!!!


Dr. Mayl

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How is the Y-Lift Different Form a "Liquid Facelift"?

Read and re read the expert previous posters comments! Dr Trokel has done a GREAT self promotion of "HIS" specialized techniques for voluminization of the face with fillers. This is NOTHING new and it is NOT a surgical lifting only an increase in volume with fillers. I might add fat instead of HA fillers and than call it the FAT Y- LIFT, lol.  

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Y lift is basically a "liquid facelift"

A Y lift procedure is basically the same thing as a "liquid facelift".  Dr. Trokel uses cannulas to inject facial fillers into the cheeks and jawline.  The product is injected deeply using cannulas (the titanium instrument) to provide volume that can support the facial tissue and provide a subtle lift to the face.  The concept is the same as a liquid facelift, which is to use volume in the face to elevate the cheeks and provide a more youthful appearance to the face.  The deep placement of the filler can be accomplished with cannulas or a needle. 

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Facial Volume Enhancement with Fillers

There really is no difference between the two facial procedures. Both achieve their effects by adding voluminization of the face with hyaluronic fillers. There are some instrumentation differences but the only real difference is in the name.

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The "Y Lift" is no different from the "Liquid facelift" both are really fillers and sometimes Botox added

People love to put label on techniques that are not unique or really that new. Both of these refer to injection of fillers with blunt cannulas both deep and under the skin to add volume to the face. Neither really lifts the face. By adding volume they certainly make the face look more youthful. What they do is lift the face out and not really up, but give the illusion of up due to the great affects of volume enhancement.

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