Can Someone with Asthma Get General Anesthesia? What Are my Options for BBL?

I am very interested in getting liposuction & BBL, but worried because I have asthma & a heart murmor. I was wondering if, for the procedure, I could get local anesthesia rather than general. Is this possible? Do I have other options?

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Brazilian butt lift in patients with asthma

There are certainly no contraindications of having asthma or a murmur and performing the Brazilian butt lift. Your asthma needs to be very well controlled and clearance from your primary care doctor will be necessary. Breathing medications and breathing exercises right after surgery are necessary. In regard to having a heart murmur, I will assume that you have a mitral valve prolapsed, which is a benign murmur that will have no consequences in your surgery or health.  Regardless, surgical clearance will be helpful to make sure that the procedure can be done safely.  I always keep my patients overnight for monitoring.

Brazilian buttock lift can be done under local in certain cases

You should have medical clearance for your asthma and heart murmur before having surgery. This can be done under local with IV sedation or general anesthesia. This should be discussed with your plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist before surgery. You may want to be observed in an aftercare facility afterwards to be safe.

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Brazilian Buttock lift

 As for the heart murmur, it depend on the cause of the murmur. Most are benign. But having a cardiology work up and clearance is important.

As for the asthma, depending on the severity , you  need  a full clearance by a pulmonary specialist, preoperative control of your asthma, and his/her recommendations preop, intra operative and post operative. Patients with severe asthma (with frequent visits to the emergency rooms due to asthma attacks), need to be operated on in the hospital where pulmonary specialist is available and respiratory therapy is available.(this will make the cost of the surgery in hospital more expensive) But patient safety is paramount.

Small areas of liposuction can be done under local anesthesia. But even with local anesthesia you need clearance by cardiology and pulmonary specialist and your family physician.


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