VASER Lipo - What is Considered One "Area"?

Please let me know what mean for two areas vaser lipo? inner and knee is mean two area or...?

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Liposuction "areas" are not standardized

Liposuction areas can be confusing.  I agree with Dr Blinski that inner thighs and knees are two areas and I too divide the abdomen into upper and lower, usually.  Sometimes, the entire upper and lower abdomen isn't a problem and I will just treat it as one area.  I know doctors that treat the abodomen as three areas, upper, mid and lower.  I have also heard of charging for each inner thigh as a separate area. So what is considered an "area" is not standardized and one should be sure it is clarified, especially when trying to compare costs.  I use a map of the body and draw the areas to be treated on the map to reduce the chance for confusion.

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Liposuction and areas treated

Every doctor describes the areas treated differently.  Upper vs lower abdomen vs entire abdomen, one or two?  Don't be bogged down with that. Find a good doctor that gets great results, and go with that person.

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VASER Lipo - per area.

Inner thigh and knees are 2 areas. Seems like an easy concept to understand. I classify the abdomen as 2 areas upper & lower some divide it into 4 quadrants. So you must see the operating surgeon to determine exactly the # of areas. From MIAMI DR. B

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