Sleeping on Your Side After Rhinoplasty

I've just had rhinoplasty a few days ago and want to know if I can sleep on the side of my face, albeit at 45 degrees? Because this sleeping directly on the back of my head is killing me. It's so painful, it feels like someone slap a board against my skull and it also leaves me face swollen for some reason. Please advise.

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Sleeping after rhinoplasty surgery

It is acceptable to sleep on the side of your face even at 30 to 45 degrees. It is very uncomfortable to sleep on your back, and it is a good idea to try to get a good night of sleep. It is preferable to keep the head and nose above the heart for swelling purposes in the immediate interim; however, this will not affect the longterm results of the rhinoplasty surgery.

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Rhinoplasty Sleeping Position

You want to allow gravity to help reduce swelling & minimize bruising. Sleep with your head elevated on several pillows, or sitting up 30-45 degrees in a chair, especially the first few nights following surgery.

Sleeping flat on your back or side should not have serious adverse effects. However, you may have more prolonged swelling, bruising, or bleeding.

Speak to your rhinoplasty surgeon and follow his/her post rhinoplasty instructions. Best of luck.

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Listen to your surgeon

I prefer that my rhinoplasty patients sleep with their head above their heart and in a midline position. This reduces swelling and nasal congestion, and minimizes chances of bumping your nose in the first week after the procedure. Sleeping preferentially on one side can also lead to some asymmetry in swelling and bruising. This generally will not affect your long term result, but can cause short term anxiety.

I would suggest buying an inflatable travel pillow in order to keep your head in the midline. Good luck with your recovery.

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Rhinoplasty post-op

I think sleeping on your side is okay if it makes you comfortable so you can get a full night of rest.  The caveat is that you have to be careful of bumping your nose in your sleep. 

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Rhinoplasty Postop

It really depends on what your surgeon tells you. I ask my patients to lay on their back with their head elevated for the first 2-3 days. After that they can lay flat. I dont want them laying on their side as they may roll onto their face until 2 weeks after surgery. But I know that this may be on the conservative side.

Every surgeon has different routine postoperatively so you need to contact your surgeon to see what the recommendations are.

Good luck.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
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Use an airplane pillow after a rhinoplasty

 Keeping your head elevated above your heart is important to reduce swelling which reaches its maximum after the third postop day.  If you use an airplane pillow (ie "Bucky") you can stay in the midline more easily.

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