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Buying Botox Online Without a Prescription?

I have came across a website selling Botox without prescription. Has anyone bought Botox through the site? Is it safe?

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Botox Online


Botox Cosmetic is a prescription drug from the Allergan company. If it is any other product it could be the wrong concentration, impure or unsafe. It has to be kept frozen and handled a certain way, including reconstituted correctly. What would you do with it if you really could get it? Inject yourself? I certainly would recommend against fooling around with a drug like this. Handled correctly with an experienced injector it is great. In the wrong hands or with the wrong product it could be a disaster.

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Buying Botox Online Without a Prescription


This would be a cardinal error.  The products offered online are of dubious quality and sometimes unknown substances are substituted for Botox.  There have been numerous incidents of patients getting what they thought were Botox injections to find out later with disastrous results  that they were not Botox cosmetic but research grade Botox or other substances.

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Botox on line?


Botox is a FDA regulated drug.  Any person buying or selling it without being registered with the DEA is breaking the law and subject to penalties.  Do not buy Botox on line!!!

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This is so illegal it's staggering!


Whatever this charlatan is selling, it's definitely not Botox. It may well be a botulinum toxin, but let's hope it's not. The dangers of injecting illegal so-called "botox Freeze" and these other products are almost too numerous to count, but include massive overdose and non-sterile packaging.

Think I'm just blowing smoke? The suckers in central Florida who tried a similar scam ended up with tracheostomies and were on ventilators for months when the "research-grade" botulinum toxin turned out to be a dose 500 times greater than what they thought they were injecting. Google "Bach McComb Eric Kaplan botox" for their story. Dr. McComb is doing a three-year stretch in prison now that he's off the ventilator.

Caveat emptor,


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Never buy Botox online!


Botox and Dysport is only legally sold and injected by medical professionals. Do not buy anything advertised on the internet as Botox for home use. There are specific techniques to injecting Botox and Dysport ($300-350 per area) that only docs and RNs know. Be wary of doctors who offer super cheap Botox. You get what you pay for!

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Very unfortunate...


In a manner of speaking we have made this all look so simple that "even a caveman can do it". Certainly if an aesthetician at a salon can safely inject Botox then anyone should be able to do it at home. Our best and brightest have bowed to the almighty dollar and have trained all comers. The less than ethical have then trained all comers and it comes down to what we witnessed on this UTube Video for the do it yourselfer!

Having stated this, I am totally amazed by those who watch everything they eat, exercise regularly, wash their hands after all contacts but will allow material to be injected into their body and not even know what it really is!

I expect this trend to expand and the problems and negative outcomes will be sure to follow denigrating the entire industry. Lots of blame to go around starting with a greedy pharmaceutical industry, a few greedy and unethical medical practitioners, a government which has completely missed the real regulatory target, and a public which has become much too comfortable with the idea that the government watchdogs will not let anything bad happen to them. Big trouble is around the corner!

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Botox cannot be purchased without a prescription


Botox cannot be purchased without a prescription and it must be injected by a licensed medical professional. There must be something misleading on this website but don't be taken.

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I guess people will never learn.

I find it amazing that our government allows this. The government permits laypeople to purchase potentially very dangerous medications on line, but began regulating me and my dermatolgy colleagues from performing simple procedures like KOH scrapings ( putting scale on a slide and examining it under the microscope for fungi), Fungal cultures ( looking to see if a fungus grew on a media), Gram stains, etc. Simple, procedures that me and my colleagues had been doing for years, cheaply and accurately. On line pharmacies are the type of things they should be regulating ( and the banks, Wall Street, CEO salaries).

Most of the counterfeit Botox floating around is Botox which is dilute or impotent. But why be, at best cheated and at worst endanger your health. Make no mistake Botulinum is a very deadly poison and must be used cautiously. In a few weeks we will be interviewing a woman who was in the group that isolated Botox ( Schantz, Camp Detrick 1944-46). She will describe the fear the labortory workers had when entering the Botulinum unit. You might care to listen on www.blogtalkradio.

The authorities did close down the laboratory in Arizona which was supplying Botox to the unethical doctors and pseudo-doctors which were using it. A hair dresser injected into one her customers and the customer died. A chiropractor in Florida was arrested and convicted after he and four others ended up in an ICU in respiratory failure. An Albany plastic surgery group was tossed into jail for using the bogus stuff.

Why take such a risk to save a few dollars?

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BOTOX should be purchased from Allergan.


Unfortunately, there is counterfeit BOTOX that can be purchased world-wide. One of my patients purchased a vial of BOTOX via the internet for a ridiculously low price. I sent the information to Allergan, and it turned out to be a fake bottle with unknown contents.

I hope this is helpful, and best regards.

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Online Botox

My first comment is: who and how is going to inject the Botox for you? Next, run far, far away. No one knows the source of online Botox--i.e., if it is gray market product from Canada but really manufactured by Allergan Corp, or water, or worse. It is terrifying that anything of this nature is accessible to lay people online. I would consider it unsafe and potentially deadly as botox is a derivative of a toxin. I have also heard that some online sellers post instructions for self-injection! This is terrifying. Ask yourself: if you thought you had diabetes would you buy insulin online and watch a video on how to inject yourself? How would you set the dose? Several people nearly died in Florida last year after injections of
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