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Are 600cc Breast Implants Too Large?

I am going in for revision breast augmentation. Currently I have 420cc textured saline implants and they are up high and round. I really like the look, but I do want to change to 600cc textured high profile silicone implants for the difference in feel, as I am experiencing some scar tissue that's bothering me from previous augmentation. Is 600cc too large? I am 5'11" and 140 lbs.

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Changing breast implant size: going larger


There is no way to quantify your risk. Certainly the risks of complications increase as the size of the implants increase. In general there is not a big difference between 420 and 600cc but you should at least try a sizer on.

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What size is appropriate for a 5'11" and 140 lbs lady?


Most likely 600 cc will be too large for your frame, and the risk of complications will rise considerably. However, to verify,  consult with 2 - 3 board cerified plastic surgeons in your area who can have you try on the sizers, and provide you a more detailed consultation. 

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Is a 600cc implant too big for a 5'11' 140lbs lady with420cc implants?


The simple answer is yes. Being  5'11' and 140lbs you are a 19 BMI which means you are thin. You said you are high and round which means you may have some capsular contraction. This means that you have to get a complete circumferential capsulotomy to be able to place a 600 cc implants. You really should have a discussion with your surgeon who knows all the details. For example the quality of your soft tissues, your skin, your chest dimensions, etc.

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How big is too big for a breast augmentation?


Thanks for your question -

As the other surgeons have mentioned - it is difficult to answer that question.

Generally, the larger the implant the bigger the risk of needing a lift later, having back pain, etc. Also, generally the larger the implant the less natural the look.

You do have the benefit of already having 420 cc implants so you're already familiar with the general appearance of an augmented breast. The one thing I would caution is typically a high profile 600 cc implant will look substantially different (and likely less natural) from a lower profile implant of similar volume.

Spend a fair amount of time trying on sizers or rice and speak with several plastic surgeons.

In the end, it is always your decision, just make sure you have a surgeon that can explain the possible risks, benefits and alternatives. I hope this helps.

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Are 600cc implants too large?


There is really no easy way to answer this question until you are examined. If you are 5' 11" and 140 lbs, I would imagine that 600cc implants would not look "natural." If you are looking for a natural look, then yes, it would be too large. You already have 420 cc implants, but have not made it clear why you are looking for larger implants. Get yourself measured and then you'll have an idea if this is too big for you. Good luck Jessilynn.

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Are you in adult entertainment?


Implants that large invariably will cause uncorrectable damage to your chest wall, breast tissues, and breast skin. And it will not look natural either.

Like an NFL player who will almost invariably end up with bad knees just a few years after retiring, a woman should only consider so large of an implant if the risk of future tissue damage is offset in her mind by high-earning potential at present...even then, it is very hard to find a situation to recommend an implant of that size.

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600 cc implants


It is difficult to suggest what type of impalnt would be appropriate for you without formally examining you.  However, 600 cc implants although on the large side may not look that large in a woman of your height.

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600 cc's - too large?


There is no way to answer this without examining you. In addition, placing impants in a garment is more complicated because you already have implants in place. 600 cc's are quite large implants and have their own risks such as thinning the tissue and implant descent. Work closely with an excellent surgeon on this and good luck!

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Increased implant size


I am not clear as to why you want to go larger ("for the difference in feel") but the larger the implant the less natural the look, the greater chance of feeling or seeing the rippling and the greater the chance of drooping of the breasts.

The best way to detemine hopw you will look is to put a 200 cc implant in your bra and puting a clingy top on. That will give you an idea of the look. Take into consideration the downside(noted above) of going larger.

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