6 Days After I Develop Large Pink Spot on my Back. No Fever. Can That Still Be Infection or Skin Burn or Burn of Tissues Under?

I had SmartLipo MPX done on 3 areas bra rolls, hands and one knee side. Total fat removed 600cc. Currently 6 days after I develop large pink spot on my back . No fewer . Can that still be infection or skin burn or burn of tissues underneath the skin? How dangers is that ? Also I active and walking every day . Is there still chance for fat embolism or blood clot. What are the chances of serious health complication 6 days after surgery?

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Check with your Doctor


SmartLipo has burn sensors, so it is unlikely to be a burn.

Small chance of fluid or early infection so check with you doctor.  

Blood clots  would tend to cause pain in the legs or shortness of breath.

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At six days you have little major risk, This pink spot may be a minor burn that will heal . You need to consult your doctor

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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