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Age 52, Veins Protruding From Temples Above Eyebrows. What Are My Treatment Options?

I'm 52 and Pretty Active. I Have Had Botox and Filler in the Past in my Temples. I Also Work out Alot. In the Past 2 Years I have horrible looking veins that protrude from the temple and above the eyebrow. What laser or treatment can I get to shrink these veins and make them less noticeable. Thanks in advance. Any good doctors in the Austin, Texas area?

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Vein Treatment Above Eyebrows


Thank you for your question. I would recommend seeing a Board certified plastic surgeon, oculoplastic surgeon,  or ENT Surgeon.  These veins may need a surgical option, and will likely not be amenable to laser treatments for large veins due to a higher risk of complications within this area.  I hope this helps.

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