11 Days Postop from a BBL, When Can I Start Sleeping on my Back Again?

had a brazilian butt lift done jan.25th when can i start massing the butt and when should i start seing by butt take shape desperate to going back to my normal sleep which is on my back help please.....LANA

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Brazilian Butt Lift. What to do.......


Hi Lana
Hopefully you and your surgeon talked about all of these issues prior to you undergoing the Brazilian Butt LIft.  I have performed this procedure hundreds of times and have a very strict routine that I have my patients follow after surgery.  Hopefully your surgeon has suggested a routine for you to follow.  We all have different techniques that we follow.  If your surgeon gets great results, then I strongly recommend that you discuss with him/her what they have their patients do.  I hate it when patients who I operate on come back after surgery and tell me they have been doing something that they were told to do by a friend or that they read on the internet that is totally the opposite of what I would recommend.  I don't want to do that to another surgeon.  My patients get my results, which I think are great results, when they follow my technique and my recommendations.   I give my patients my cell phone number and tell them all to call any time with any questions or concerns so that they get the best results that I can give them. 
Call your surgeon! Ask them!

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