I Had Brazilian Butt Lift But I Don't See Much of a Difference. What Can I Expect With Time?

Dr Yager from ny said he put 800cc on each cheek and the reason I don't see the difference it because my fat cell shrink and it's in shock because of the fat transfer in the buttock. That I won't see the difference of my Brazilian butt lift because fat cell shrink. My butt will become larger later , once the fat cell become to normal sizes. Can any professional help me with this theory? I never heard of this. Will be buttock gets bigger later? Thanks you

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BBL shrinkage

I've not seen the buttock grow in time, but the tissues do settle. 800cc is a generous amount of fat to transfer.  It is quite surprising that you're unable to notice it, but I doubt the fat cells are completely gone.  Often, patients need to see their pre and postoperative photo evaluation to capture the difference.  I've noticed the fat cells disappear more in patients as they age.  Over 50 and 60 the fat cells don't survive as well, but the surgery is still effective.  In every case, patients wish more cells had survived, it's kind of like breast augmentation, always wishing for just a little bit more.  Your case doesn't sound like this, so spend some more time looking at your photos before and after your surgery.  It was a considerable amount to transfer, it's not easy to hide a kilogram of fat cells in each buttock, even if cells were dying so be sure you're being discerning enough.  At some point you should've noticed a difference with that amount.

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I've had the BBL and I dont't see a difference. Will there be enhancement over time?

The BBL is a procedure which is very much in the rise in popularity. Transferring 800 cc per buttock is quite an impressive amount, and you should see a difference if you compare it to the prop photos. You may have had absorption which does happen in a certain percentage of patients undergoing this procedure. I'm sure that your plastic surgeon explained that to you. I, generally, wait at least three months before performing a second fat transfer. It is not common to need more than 2 procedures.

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