Realistic Contour Lift

Had a contour brow lift 2 1/2 weeks ago. Love the...

Had a contour brow lift 2 1/2 weeks ago. Love the look. Friends say it has taken 10 years off of my 45-year-old face!

The procedure itself was done under a local and was uneventful. (I will never forget the odd crushing sound, however). The doctor sent me home with Darvocet, which was not a strong enough pain killer for the first couple of days.

When I first looked in the mirror, I was shocked to see a very "surprised" and overcorrected look! However, the next day, my eyes and brows relaxed and looked great with hardly any swelling. The second through fourth days I had a good amount of swelling and bruising.

I have two side effects and they are bad headaches everyday and a slight indentation on one side of my forehead. The doctor messed with that side on the second day. big note: do not let them mess with your forehead the second day unless you are numbed. It is VERY painful to the touch. Oh, another side effect is that one eye lid is drooping slightly. The doctor said it is probably from Botox because he did not do anything with the eye muscles that would cause that. He said it would go away when the Botox wears off.

One last note, it is always harder to recover than the doctors let on. Take your time, at least a week, to recover. Sleep on your back for three weeks. Rest in the afternoon when your head starts to hurt.

In summary, I don't feel great yet, but I look great!


NOTE: <author requested to remain anonymous>

can you please tell me who your surgeon was? I am looking for one in the la area. Thanks
Thank you so much for telling me about this experience. All I hear about is "results are wonderful"...but I know its gotta hurt to have it done. Doctors don't want to tell you this. Good luck and pleeassse tell me how much you paid.
Crista, I paid $1500 which I believe is quite a bargain. However, I do live in the South which usually enjoys lower fees on many things. Also, my doctor is new at this particular procedure and priced his services accordingly. Let me know what else you need to know, because I know how frustrating it is to not have the information. There is really nothing but the manufacturer's press release on every doctor's web page. It has been three weeks now and I still have numbness from the top of my forehead stretching back across my skull about 2-3 inches. The two main entry points in the top of the forehead, for those thicker tubes, still hurts. Really, all points of entry are very tender. And I am still really tired. I still sleep on my back and try not to bend over and put a lot of stress on my forehead as it trys to "glue" back to my scalp...(I think it takes about 3-4 weeks to fully heal, but don't quote me. My doctor did not tell me to do that, but I read it on the internet somewhere. I don't know if I mentioned this, but I did have Botox for the first time on the forehead and the crows feet area two days prior to the procedure. I do think it is a key element to the success.
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