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Not sure about PicoSure? It’s an FDA-approved laser technology that uses short bursts of energy — a picosecond’s worth at a time — for tattoo removal, acne scars treatment, and, more recently, wrinkle treatment. LEARN MORE ›
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I've been contemplating a laser tattoo removal for my huge , obnoxious chest piece for some time now so when the picosure became available, I decided to give it a try. I got this tattoo at 18 and added the spiderweb along w cherry blossoms at 19. Needless to say, 8 years later I fell out of... READ MORE

Hey all. I have had 7 q switch laser sessions. One pico laser session on 12-5-14. Pico is nice! Best lightening of my tat that I have seen yet. The Q kind of sucks. Disruptive to surrounding tissue, not as effective, longer healing time as well, of course. I have Scott Farrell of 4 points body... READ MORE

I went for my first picosure laser treatment today. I had one previous laser treatment about 4 years ago that barely faded it so I am hoping to see vast improvement. It's hard to rate the pain from this laser from the last because I had numbing stuff injected into my foot last time. They... READ MORE

Hey guys. So I've finally saved up enough to try the picosure laser tattoo removal. This is a fairly new procedure here in the UK but having done a lot of research on this laser I decided to go ahead with it. It costs me $1094 / £720 for 4 sessions. My first session will be on Saturday... READ MORE

So my first session of picosure was in the 11th of July. I am opting to take a price lock on my sessions which is where I am paying upfront for my treatments and anything past what they initially expected it to take is free treatment. They have said I will require 4 treatments for my neck... READ MORE

I'd been wanting a tattoo on my forearm for a few years. I already had a small piece on my wrist and I wanted something the flow around it...this wasn't a random decision (I also have a piece on my back, and my husband has giant tattoos so I'm not a total newbie). But as soon as the tattoo... READ MORE

I'm having part of a larger tattoo removed. As soon as I got this tattoo done, I regretted it. After letting it heal for a couple months, I chose to have it removed. I've had 4 picosure treatments in Vernon Hills, IL I'm hoping to have this terrible mistake removed soon! I'm pretty... READ MORE

I had picosure treatment on my foot about 4 months ago. My tattoo is about 1in x 3in long. Its a black paw with purple/green/blue swirl. This is a coverup. Under the paw is a ladybug, red/black. Previous to the picosure treatment I had 5 rev-light treatments. The rev-light had no effect on the... READ MORE

I'm 40 years old. I had three tattoos that were 23 years old, done in different tattoo shops with different ink. The butterfly was on the inside ankle, the moon near the bikini line and the rose on the chest! I'm thrilled with the fading after only 24 hours & can't wait to see what they look... READ MORE

After getting the tattoos in the college and being at a different point in my life now, decided it was finally a time for a change after reading after up on the success of the Picosure laser. Not a big fan of the tattoos anymore so decided to remove the middle part of the sun tattoo and remove... READ MORE

So I have recently began my " picosure journey" with trueskin Harley street. I am a week in and can only describe it do far as ITCHY as hell! I round like to chart my journey with photos over the coming months. Advice and reassurance would be hugely appreciated. Thanks to everyone in advance.... READ MORE

After having a rather small heart tattoo covered with a large floral design 5 years ago I decided it was time to remove the whole thing. I am so tired of trying to hide my tattoo and having it dictate the type of clothing I wear. On top of that it has faded so much from the sun, it looks old and... READ MORE

Hello to those who are reading! So how do I start this, I got a "Hakuna Matata" tattoo on my right wrist because I was very very stupid at the time. It was done in october of 2013, and not even a month later I regretted it. I regret it so much that seeing it makes me upset! Every. Single. Time... READ MORE

Sharing my progress! I took the plunge and went in for the picosure tattoo removal. - numbing cream 2 hours before hand - Ice during - Took less than 2 minutes! - Not bad at all pain wise - Sunburn feeling after - took Tylenol - Blister started to form 9 hours after (they say this is... READ MORE

Hello Everyone, I came here to share my experience and hope to find some support. I recently had a tattoo done after my grandma passed away. The tattoo is of a dove holding rosary beads. I have never had a tattoo before and I am not sure what came over me but I thought it would help me... READ MORE

I've had one treatment with Alexendrite laser with the same Md on all tattoos with not much of a difference so I thought I could just live with my mistake and ink regret but after hearing about picoosure and researching the amazing results I am going back for treatments on all the same tattoos... READ MORE

I had a dark red/black scorpion tattooed on me when I was 18. It was the 90s and all the women in music videos had a tat on their chest and I thought they were sooo cool! I liked it for a few years before realising it's lame and about 5-6 years ago, I decided to go ahead and get rid of it. At... READ MORE

Hello everyone, 8 months ago I did a stupid mistake with this tattoo I only liked it one month I always hide it with dermablend and I can't wear my fav clothes and dresses anymore so two months ago I started the first session of picosure pretty happy with the fading and getting ready for my... READ MORE

I am finally getting this butterfly off my ankle! It's 4 years old and less than 3 months after getting it I decided I hated it. A huge, impulsive, not-well-thought-out, mistake. Doing research on laser removal I learned that this tattoo would be extremely difficult to get out (with the... READ MORE

My mom's cat of 21 years died, made a regretful decision to get a tattoo of a black cat on my wrist....I was told to wait until 2 months for it to heal before removal, I wanted it gone the next day :( Called in June, apt was for July 12, had to reschedule it until July 26th. Staff gave me... READ MORE

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