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Not sure about PicoSure? It’s an FDA-approved laser technology that uses short bursts of energy — a picosecond’s worth at a time — for tattoo removal, acne scars treatment, and, more recently, wrinkle treatment. LEARN MORE ›
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Had my second picosure treatment about two weeks ago and it's looking sooooo good! Had a small black word on the nape of my neck,simple black line no shading or coloring. Considering the location (near major lymph nodes and blood flow) the type of tattoo ( black, small) and the length (nearly 10... READ MORE

...and it seems like I've only made it worse. My name is John; and I'm 24 years old from Rochester, NY. Within a month after my 21st birthday, I rushed to get a small, black Polynesian star tattooed on my left forearm. I had "researched" that it stood for confidence, and instantly decided that... READ MORE

After an intense search for a non invasive treatment for my problem I found picosure. I had my first treatment in January and had my second treatment Today 2/22/15. I was holding back on writing a review until i finished with all 4 treatments but I can honestly say its working. Each treatment... READ MORE

Got this tattoo on a whim one day shortly after turning 18. Goes all the way around and is just ugly. Am now 35, mom of 2 and want it off!! Had my first picosure session 2 days ago and am VERY HAPPY with the fading so far!! But gotta say, daaaang it hurt REALLY FREAKIN BAD!!! But after seeing... READ MORE

I got hideous butterfly tattoos when I was 16 on my ankle. I cannot believe my mom signed for me!!! Anyway, fast forward 15 years and probably 10 years of regret, I have 2 beautiful kids and an amazing career and these horrible tattoos. I do not like wearing shorts or dresses because of them. I... READ MORE

I have been looking at ways to get it removed, for a while now and found that the best method was thru treatments with Picosure laser, and to my luck, a new clinic in my city Copenhagen Denmark just opened with it. Already really excited about the result and I can wait to see the result in 8 weeks.. READ MORE

I have probably spent about $3,200 on my 7 treatments at Blink Tattoo removal so far. I have a very large tattoo that I desperately need gone. It is an outline of a tree that covers almost my whole back. After I got the outline (which took 4 hours) I panicked and cancelled my next appointment. I... READ MORE

Hi guys im jake im new here, im 19 years old and just had this partially finished half sleeve tattoo done. Its all black ink I believe, I desperately want It off my skin as I just dont feel im ready to have something this big on my skin. I would really like to keep the dove design on the inside... READ MORE

I got my terrible and embarrassing tattoo when I was 18 years old on my left hip. A lot of people talk about regretting their tattoos instantly but for me I feel like I knew it was a bad idea before I even did it. I got pressured to make a deposit with an artist a friend recommended and once... READ MORE

This summer I volunteered in an orphanage in south africa. I already have a back tattoo I love so before I even went i'd planned on getting a commemorative tattoo. Anyways when I came back one of my friends who is a tattoo artist (which I havent spoken to since because I dont have the heart to... READ MORE

Well I got a cover up done of flowers and let's just say I hated it. I have been wanting this tatoo off me for a while now and I finally did it. Well I was very nervous hearing about the pain and what not let's say it hurt like hell. I mean I got through it but not without squeezing the ball... READ MORE

So, I had a lower back tattoo when I was 16 years old. At first I loved it, then after uni I became more indifferent, to late twenties actively hiding it at work and from boyfriends parents etc. I have decided to get rid of it in the next couple of years - would be keen to not have it for any... READ MORE

I made this huge mistake starting from the age of 18 when i did the first tattoo on my left arm. Since the beginning i decide to start tattoing myself because i develop big stretch marks on my body especially on my arms, thus i thought that these would have been my only hope to make them... READ MORE

Had this tattoo that I got kinda during a rough period of my life. Never really liked it much or finished it. Decided I was ready to get rid of it. PicoSure worked wonders. My doctor treated the second treatment with the Deep FX laser after the Picosure to help avoid the painful blisters. It... READ MORE

After having a rather small heart tattoo covered with a large floral design 5 years ago I decided it was time to remove the whole thing. I am so tired of trying to hide my tattoo and having it dictate the type of clothing I wear. On top of that it has faded so much from the sun, it looks old and... READ MORE

After getting the tattoos in the college and being at a different point in my life now, decided it was finally a time for a change after reading after up on the success of the Picosure laser. Not a big fan of the tattoos anymore so decided to remove the middle part of the sun tattoo and remove... READ MORE

I got this tattoo in August of 2014, and only months later, am beginning the removal process. It's kind of a long story, but in short, the numerals are incorrect (my fault), and due to spacing issues/blowouts in the linework, unfortunately it can't be corrected to my liking. I just started... READ MORE

I have a lot of tattoos. I have removed two black ones completely. I am now getting treatment on my right arm with the PicoSure laser. I had one treatment with another laser on this arm. I am hoping for the results I got on my previous tattoo removal. This tattoo has lots of color so I'm being... READ MORE

Hello Everyone, I came here to share my experience and hope to find some support. I recently had a tattoo done after my grandma passed away. The tattoo is of a dove holding rosary beads. I have never had a tattoo before and I am not sure what came over me but I thought it would help me... READ MORE

I was skeptical about joining this blog because I am so embarrassed. I am use to hiding my tattoo instead of showing it and talking about it. I was 19, head over heels and my soon to be husband got my name tattooed on his neck. So what do I do in return.. get his name tattooed on my boob/chest... READ MORE

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