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PicoSure is an FDA-cleared advanced laser technology that — in contrast to earlier methods — uses much shorter light pulses to break up tattoo ink pigments, lighten brown spots, and treat acne scarring (cleared in July 2014) with less residual heating of the surrounding skin's tissue. LEARN MORE ›
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Seeing some fading in the blue...wonder how long this will take. I have many other tattoos and never thought I'd be one to regret a tattoo( says everyone) but I really messed this one up...I was feeling emotional and angry and decided a tattoo might distract me from my emotions well now all i... READ MORE

My dermatologist was the first to receive the PicoSure laser in California so I decided to give it a go. I have never had any other laser removal done on my tattoo before PicoSure. My first treatment was in December and I received my second treatment today. So far I have seen a huge difference... READ MORE

I got my first tattoo on my wrist when I was 18. It didn't turn out that great so after a few years I had it covered up with a new tattoo (which had to be bigger and darker). Its now been a few more years and I can see my previous tattoo showing through. It really annoys me and being on... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I have been following this forum for around 4 months and would like to share my experience on the procedure. I am currently having picosure tattoo removal with wayne at the circle London...reason being I had a cover up that went wrong. where the artist did not cover up the bottom... READ MORE

I got a tattoo by a friend when I was 16 years old. She used who knows what to do the tattoo, stupid of me I know. Anyway I regretted it since the day I got it. I went to get the picosure laser removal and it was awesome!! I thought it would hurt more but it just felt like a small burning... READ MORE

I have an ankle tattoo that is 16 years old. It goes all the way around my ankle. I had one Picosure treatment in July. Having had previous laser treatments, I will say the Picosure is FAR superior. I had substantial fading after the first treatment. I just had my second treatment yesterday and... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I've had so many questions about picosure and tattoo removal in general, and i've found other people's experiences on this site very helpful in making my decision, so i'm going to share my experience and hopefully i can help others/give helpful information in return! Anyway, the... READ MORE

Tanning and acne have taken their toll on a tattoo that I got when I was 18. It looks like hell and I want it GONE. When researching my options I came across information about the PicoSure laser and how it was so much more effective than previous tattoo removal lasers. I found the closest office... READ MORE

I went for my first picosure laser treatment today. I had one previous laser treatment about 4 years ago that barely faded it so I am hoping to see vast improvement. It's hard to rate the pain from this laser from the last because I had numbing stuff injected into my foot last time. They... READ MORE

Went with PicoSure over other methods due to speed and ability to target blues/greens. The 1996 gecko tattoo originally had some yellows and reds, but those colors have all but vanished over the past 18 yrs. First treatment was without numbing cream with a pain level similar to getting tattoo;... READ MORE

Well i just had my first picosure laser session 4 days ago on my arm. it was the start of a half sleeve that i ended up hating because of to much color. it is costing me $1100 a session. i was reading alot of reviews on this laser n everybody seems to say something different about the pain of... READ MORE

I have a lot of tattoos. I have removed two black ones completely. I am now getting treatment on my right arm with the PicoSure laser. I had one treatment with another laser on this arm. I am hoping for the results I got on my previous tattoo removal. This tattoo has lots of color so I'm being... READ MORE

Hi everyone! This site has been a great resource for support and after I decided to get rid of my tattoos (in total I have five - two small ones on my wrists and three larger ones: back/neck, right upper arm and chest). Most of them are quite old, the "newest" one on my chest was done 8 years... READ MORE

Hello ! I will start by saying thank you to all who post reviews , is dedicated and completes it. It helps so much people from all over the world. I took a tattoo when I was 16 years old ( 06/06/06 ) easy date to remember ..... hehe It was a medium tribal on my arm , I did not love it but not... READ MORE

I am very impressed with the results of the Picosure treatment. I previously endured 9 very painful treatments with a Q-switched laser over the last 12 months and was unhappy with the results. So I decided to check out a local clinic offering Picosure. After just 1 Picosure treatment, the... READ MORE

So I had a tattoo on my arm to cover a previous scarred tattoo that I had tried to remove (by tattoo erase). After firstly loving the tattoo this quickly turned to regret. I have had one treatment of picosure but I'm very concerned about the underlying scars affecting the treatment. I'm in a... READ MORE

I got this tattoo when I was 17. I don't have a huge regret story, it's just that I didn't think well enough about the placement and that for work purposes I now have to get it removed. I will be going through (hopefully) a full removal. At the time of starting this post I have had 2 session,... READ MORE

I have a 5year old, dense cover up (orig is 10yrs) on my hip/stomach. It has been treated with TCA and the Medlite C6 twice two years ago. I didnt follow up with any more treatment becaused i moved back to the USA and honestly was too scared of the pain. I saw mostly fading of the black and dark... READ MORE

Hi I am Jeremy from France and I have a calf tattoo that I regret so much: it was made 3 mounths ago by a famous artist I thought talented. I am not an impulsive person usually but I now realize that I decided Too Quick. I have a flower lotus that I have made inked in thailand 5 years ago and I... READ MORE

Hi !!!! very nice to meet you I am honored to be here to introduce myself ! before i start writing, I wish you would understand my english, i live in korea and and am not so good at English. So please be good to understand my awkward English. :'( i made a resolution to write my experiences... READ MORE

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