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Not sure about PicoSure? It’s an FDA-approved laser technology that uses short bursts of energy — a picosecond’s worth at a time — for tattoo removal, acne scars treatment, and, more recently, wrinkle treatment. LEARN MORE ›
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I have an approximate 10 year old tattoo on my shoulder that I recently decided I wanted to remove for various reasons. I like the concept/tattoo but it didn't end up looking how I imagined and since it is on my shoulder it moves a lot and always seemed crooked to me. I researched places near... READ MORE

This summer I volunteered in an orphanage in south africa. I already have a back tattoo I love so before I even went i'd planned on getting a commemorative tattoo. Anyways when I came back one of my friends who is a tattoo artist (which I havent spoken to since because I dont have the heart to... READ MORE

I've been contemplating a laser tattoo removal for my huge , obnoxious chest piece for some time now so when the picosure became available, I decided to give it a try. I got this tattoo at 18 and added the spiderweb along w cherry blossoms at 19. Needless to say, 8 years later I fell out of... READ MORE

I have chest piece around 20 inches I'm removing. I start Saturday and I'm super nervous, I'm worried it won't all come off and I'll be stuck with faded ink. I really haven't see many tattoos completely removed. They said 5 treatments but we'll see how it goes it doesn't seem like anyone has had... READ MORE

When I was young I got a lot of large, ugly tattoos as a way of coping with anxiety and other mental health issues. They're dense and colourful and will take years to remove, but I am trying to remain hopeful. They are on my leg, arm, and upper back. I started Picosure on my leg in late April... READ MORE

Hey guys. So I've finally saved up enough to try the picosure laser tattoo removal. This is a fairly new procedure here in the UK but having done a lot of research on this laser I decided to go ahead with it. It costs me $1094 / £720 for 4 sessions. My first session will be on Saturday... READ MORE

I've had this disgusting tattoo on my lower hip/stomach for close to 15 years. Got a heart when I was 18, tattoo artist inverted it and inked where it should be been skin and vice versa. Then I went back a couple months later to have him "fix" it. He drew over and over it, adding weird flair... READ MORE

I got my entire forearm outlined in black ink 3/28/15. This is my first and only tattoo. I have not gone back for shading. I am currently in a weird limbo place with my tattoo. It is not finished and prominently displayed, but I am scared to get more work done. After getting the ink, I... READ MORE

Hello I l from Belgium. I have a mistake on ribs. Sorry for my english :) I saw badly this situation. I am always sad but fortunately my friend is very comprehensive. Here is a photo of my tattoo. I am afraid of the pain but it will be a new life. The details are not perfect ... the color is... READ MORE

I have a consultation on Thursday (March 26th) for my unfinished half sleeve. I had originally planned on only having black ink and shading on this tattoo but I was talked into getting color... terrible idea. I've always been nervous about putting color on my skin since its light brown and I... READ MORE

Tanning and acne have taken their toll on a tattoo that I got when I was 18. It looks like hell and I want it GONE. When researching my options I came across information about the PicoSure laser and how it was so much more effective than previous tattoo removal lasers. I found the closest office... READ MORE

I am so pleased with my results and am looking forward to my tattoo being completely gone soon. Disappearing act is affordable my tattoo is large and each treatment is $375. I'm hoping I will only need 5 treatments total as you can see my amazing results after only 2. The laser does hurt but... READ MORE

Hi everyone, My names Rachel, I’m 21 and living in Sacramento. 3 years ago I impulsively got a tattoo in memory of my cousin and my uncle who had recently died. The tattoo was not done professionally and was very simple- Just an infinity symbol with the date of their passing below. I was... READ MORE

After having a rather small heart tattoo covered with a large floral design 5 years ago I decided it was time to remove the whole thing. I am so tired of trying to hide my tattoo and having it dictate the type of clothing I wear. On top of that it has faded so much from the sun, it looks old and... READ MORE

I have had 10 q-switch treatments and 3 picosure treatments on my black forearm tattoos. I got the tattoos before I finished school and joined the corporate bandwagon. Needless to say, it is a pain to have to wear long sleeves every single day of the year in Texas. I also have two other... READ MORE

Sharing my progress! I took the plunge and went in for the picosure tattoo removal. - numbing cream 2 hours before hand - Ice during - Took less than 2 minutes! - Not bad at all pain wise - Sunburn feeling after - took Tylenol - Blister started to form 9 hours after (they say this is... READ MORE

As some of you may now I have carefully documented several procedures on Real Self with amazing feedback from the community (as well as from my surgeon) and I thought it would be helpful to chronicle my latest self-improvement adventure. In 2008 during a trip to Austin - and while dating a guy... READ MORE

Well i just had my first picosure laser session 4 days ago on my arm. it was the start of a half sleeve that i ended up hating because of to much color. it is costing me $1100 a session. i was reading alot of reviews on this laser n everybody seems to say something different about the pain of... READ MORE

Hi I am Jeremy from France and I have a calf tattoo that I regret so much: it was made 3 mounths ago by a famous artist I thought talented. I am not an impulsive person usually but I now realize that I decided Too Quick. I have a flower lotus that I have made inked in thailand 5 years ago and I... READ MORE

My story will sound familiar to many of you. I got a large peony flower tattooed on my wrist when I was 20 that I was never really happy with. It was one of those decisions made too quickly without much thought. About 6 months ago, I went to a different tattoo artist to have a cover up done. I... READ MORE

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