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Mole Removal Procedure That Leaves Unnoticeable or No Scar?

I am considering to remove a raised mole on my upper breast area. I am very concerned with the scarring. Is there a procedure that will remove this... READ MORE

Is It True That Removing my Mole on my Breast Will Scar Like a Cigarette Burn? (photo)

My dermatologist suggests not removing my mole because he insists the scar will look terribly and will look like a cigarette burn .He couldn't show me... READ MORE

New Mole in my Breast? (photo)

Hi,I'm 14 weeks pregnant and I noticed a new mole in my breast some days ago.I'm sure it's new,it's liked it popped over a night.It looks atypical to... READ MORE

What Kind of Bump is on my Breast? Can I Remove It with Plastic Surgery? (photo)

Would it be considered cosmetic surgery? Is it nothing to worry about? READ MORE

I want to remove a mole on my breast, but I'm afraid of getting a keloid scar. Is cider vinegar an effective method? (photo)

I went in to a derm to have a few moles removed he did not want to remove the one on my breast stating stitches don't hold well there and it will look... READ MORE

Had my first baby a yr ago in Aug, since then I noticed maybe a mo after this mole on my lower outside of left Breast? (photo)

It has grown in size as has changed in color as as you can see has a halo that was not previously there. It is flush with my skin thought. (Pic#2) Now... READ MORE

What Cosmetic Result Should Be Expected for Breast Mole Removal?

I am having a large mole removed via radiosurgery. This is being done privately as not commonly used in the UK for mole removal. I am wondering what... READ MORE

Mole removal before or after breast augmentation?

I have a larger mole on my breast and I'm not sure if its more wise to remove before or after my breast augmentation. I'm just trying to avoid... READ MORE

Mole removed from breast a year ago and now it aches in that area. Could it be scar tissue?

I had a mole removed from left side of breast over a year ago. I get an aching feeling in the area every now and again and it feels a little un... READ MORE

What does it mean if I had moles removed from my breast, and one came back?

Over the summer I had two miles removed from my right breast, but a few weeks ago I noticed another had grown in a new spot, but still on the same... READ MORE

Full excision of severe dysplastic nevus on female breast. Will I lose my nipple completely?

I recently had a mole right next to my areole removed/shave biopsy. Came back as severely dysplastic and dermatologist recommends full excision. She... READ MORE

I had a mole removed and having pain in my nipple. Is this normal?

I had a mole removed about a week ago, it's located on the side of my right boob and im have some pain in my nipple is this normal? READ MORE

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