Mohs Surgery Videos

Eyelid Skin Cancer

Dr. Matheson Harris discusses Skin Cancer on the eyelids and how to look for suspicious spots. VIEW NOW

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Building Confidence in Mohs Surgery Success Rate

Doctor Shawn Allen discusses the high success rate with Mohs Surgery. He goes into detail on the process of removing all skin cancer and sparing the healthy skin. VIEW NOW

How to Choose a Fellowship Trained Mohs Surgeon

Doctor Shawn Allen discusses the criteria important for choosing a doctor is has been formerly trained in Mohs Surgery. VIEW NOW

Treating Cancer and Reconstructing the Face

Doctor Shawn Allen discusses the process Mohs Micrographic Surgery which is used for the treatment of complex skin cancers. VIEW NOW

Building Confidence in Mohs Surgery

Doctor Shawn Allen discusses how effective Mohs Surgery can be, and how this extremely high cure rate is reassuring to patients. VIEW NOW

What to Look for in a Mohs Surgeon

Doctor Shawn Allen discusses what criteria to look at when considering a surgeon for Mohs Surgery. VIEW NOW

The Healing Process After Mohs Surgery

Dr. Matthew Mahlberg discusses the healing process after Mohs Surgery. VIEW NOW

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Options for Treating Skin Cancer

Dr. Douglas Roth discusses options for treating Skin Cancer. VIEW NOW

Possible Signs of Skin Cancer on the Face

Dr. Michael Contreras shares some insight to what may be a sign of skin cancer. VIEW NOW

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Maintaining Healthy Skin to Prevent Skin Cancer

Dr. Clay J. Cockerell covers what to do and what to avoid to help prevent skin cancer and keep your skin healthy. VIEW NOW