Mini Lift Videos

Facial Rejuvenation Trends in Younger Patients — The Doctor Explains

No two patients are alike, Dr. Richard J. Bruneteau explains the trends he sees in younger patients seeking facial rejuvenation procedures. VIEW NOW

Liposuction vs. Tummy Tuck: The Doctor Explains Who's a Candidate for Each

Dr. Christopher K. Patronella explains when liposuction can be used and when a tummy tuck is recommended. VIEW NOW

Learn About the ProLift Facelift

Dr. Mark Beaty explains this facelift method with limited incisions. VIEW NOW

3 Tips to Make Your Facelift Last

Dr. Paul E. Chasan explains what a facelift includes, his techniques, and how to prolong your results. VIEW NOW

What Really Is a "Lifestyle Lift"?

Dr. Paul Lanfranchi discusses the evolution of the Lifestyle Lift and how it compares and contrasts to traditional facelifts and neck lifts. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains What's Included in a Mini Facelift

Dr. Mark E. Mason tells us what areas of the face he works on during a mini lift. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains 5 Types of Facelifts and What to Ask Your Surgeon

Dr. Paul Lanfranchi talks about the current names and verbiage used to describe the various types of facelifts offered today. VIEW NOW

What's the Difference Between a Mini Lift and a Traditional Facelift?

Dr. Paul Lanfranchi explains the differences between a mini lift and a traditional lower facelift. VIEW NOW

Which Facial Procedure Turns Back The Clock The Most?

Dr. Paul Lanfranchi addresses which procedures tend to rejuvenate the face the most. VIEW NOW

Combining Procedures With Your Facelift or Neck Lift — The Doctor's Recommendations

Dr. Paul Lanfranchi discusses if you should add additional facial procedures to your lower facelift and neck lift. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains the Mini Facelift?

Dr. John A. Standefer Jr., explains that a mini facelift depends on what doctor you're talking to. VIEW NOW

What Is a Mini Facelift and Who Is a Good Candidate?

Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker talks about mini facelifts, who is an ideal candidate and non-surgical alternatives. VIEW NOW

What Is a 1 Hour Facelift? The Doctor Explains

Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker talks about how long a facelift takes and what can usually be achieved in an hour. VIEW NOW

What Is a Facelift and What Does It Cost?

Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker explains what happens during a facelift. VIEW NOW

How Long Does a Facelift Last?

Dr. Samir Undavia explains the differences between facelifts and mini lifts and how long each lasts. VIEW NOW