Mini Lift Videos

Compression Garments: Here's What You Need to Know

Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta explains what a compression garment is and how long you should wear it. VIEW NOW

How Many Procedures Can You Have at Once?

Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta discusses having multiple procedures at the same time. VIEW NOW

Facial Rejuvenation For the Active Woman — Hear Suzy's Experience

A 50-year-old nurse who is also a black belt in tai kwon do. Dr. Todd C. Miller performs a facelift and fat transfer for signs of aging including jowling and sagging in the neck. VIEW NOW

How Should I Sleep After a Facelift?

Dr. Sarmela Sunder explains the importance of sleep position during the recovery period following a facelift, mini lift, or fat transfer. VIEW NOW

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Are You a Candidate For a Mini Facelift? Find Out in 35 Seconds

Dr. Sarmela Sunder explains who might benefit from a mini lift or a mini facelift, and why it is a good option to restore a youthful appearance. VIEW NOW

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Mini Facelift: See the Procedure From Start to Finish (GRAPHIC)

Watch as Dr. Jonathan Pontell performs a mini facelift on this woman. VIEW NOW

Sedation Is Safer Than General Anesthesia For a Facelift, Says This Doctor

Dr. Martin Sasada, a consultant anesthetist, discusses the safety of sedation and general anesthesia for a facelift. VIEW NOW

MACS Facelift vs. Facelift — What Makes Them Different?

How does a MACS facelift differ from a traditional facelift? Learn the pros and cons of both procedures. VIEW NOW

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Mini Facelift: What Makes It Mini? Does It Work as Well?

What makes a mini facelift "mini"? Dr. Cameron Chesnut shares how this procedure can rejuvenate your skin. VIEW NOW

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Lunchtime Treatments: Who Is a Good Candidate?

Dr. Janet Neigel explains who is the best candidate for a treatment that is so quick that the patient can have it done on their lunch break and go right back to work immediately. (Hint: anyone!) VIEW NOW

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Proper Technique is Integral to a Natural Looking and Feeling Facelift

There are several things a patient and surgeon can do together to ensure the best possible facelift result, explains Dr. Jill Hessler. VIEW NOW


The Facelift Incision Length Doesn't Matter as Much as Maintaining Good Support

Dr. Chris Moss explains that it's more important that the surgeon plans to properly support the underlying tissue during the procedure than the name of the procedure you end up having. VIEW NOW

These Signs Might Mean It's Finally Time For a Facelift

Dr. Adam Hamawy talks all about facelifts in this video that explores their usefulness for those patients who are truly ready for such an invasive procedure. VIEW NOW

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The Most Important Factor in Any Facelift Is the Artist (Your Surgeon)

Dr. Richard Castellano explains how important it is to choose a good surgeon. VIEW NOW