2 Weeks Post-op + Lower Face Lift

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Why Would I Be Draining Light Pink Serous Fluid From Behind Left Ear 2 Weeks Post-Op Lower Face Lift?

I still have light draining of a light pink tinged serous fluid behind my left ear following lower face lift 17 days ago any thoughts on reason READ MORE

Why Are my Ear Incisions Still Not Healed After 16 Days Post Lower Facelift?

Why are my ear incisions taking so long to heal after 16 days post lower facelift and fat injections? The areas are yellow with no drainage READ MORE

Lip Deformity After Lower Facelift. No Problems with Facial Movements, No Loss of Sensation, Whats Going On? Will It Recover?

Hi, I have had lower facelift 15 days ago. The problem now is the disfigurement of lower lip, it goes too much on right side and becomes very lopsided... READ MORE

I Had a Lower Face and Neck Lift 13 Days Ago,pain when I Do Certain Facial Movements?

Pain when smiling,eating and i attempted to kiss my family friend on the cheek and there was considerable tightness and pain just above the Jowl area... READ MORE

13 days post op Lower Face Lift. Is this swelling normal? It has a flower in the middle. (photos)

I had a lower facelift plus stem cells 13 days ago. My eyes (both the whites of my eyes and the skin around my eyes) turned blood red from the cells,... READ MORE

Jowl appearing on one side only after lower facelift. How could this have happenen?

2 weeks ago, I had a lower facelift and platysma corset neck tightening using smas techniques. the surgery took over 4 hours. I have had minimal... READ MORE

I had a band of skin remove on my neck to tighten my sagging how long does it take to fully heal and tighten?

Its been 2 weeks and i still have some sagging. My surgeon assured me it takes a few months for the skin and muscle to fully come back together... READ MORE

2 weeks post op platysmaplasty revision, I have a fluid on my neck. Is this a fluid pocket/ seroma? (photos)

I has a platysmaplasty revision 2 weeks ago and there remains a pocket of what appears to be fluid on my neck that is asthetically unattractive. I... READ MORE

2 weeks after a lower facelift, how much weight can I lift to be safe and not harmful?

I went to the store and was carrying two bags each weighing about 8 pounds. Could I do harm to my facelift after 18 days by carrying that amount of... READ MORE

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