Liquid Facelift

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The "liquid facelift" restores facial volume, reduces wrinkles, and provides a degree of facial rejuvenation. The liquid is typically an injectable filler (Restylane, Juvederm and others) in conjunction with Botox which relax facial lines
Average Price: $2,350

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I've always had darkness under my eyes from thin skin and capillaries. After trying eye creams and concealers I heard about filler under the eye. My face has always been thin but as I've aged it looked more hollow and sullen. I was open to trying just about anything suggested. I'd also tried... READ MORE

Needed to get some volume back in my face. Everything was starting to sag, look sunken in, and the creases on my face we're making me feel extremely self conscious and made feel a lot older. ( I'm 38 yrs old) it was the best thing I ever did I did a combination on botox around the eye area,... READ MORE

Product Radiesse Areas - Eye trough Jaw Line I've lost about 20 lbs recently and noticed that my eyes were becoming sunken looking. While we can change our bodies by ourselves, can't do the face! Dr. Thomas injected through my mouth for the eye troughs, very, very little pain. In... READ MORE

The purpose of this review is to commend Dr. Kimberly Finder for her expertise and ablity to repair a Liquid Facelift procedure with which I was not happy. Also, I will discuss my personal experience with Groupons for Liquid Facelifts. Groupons place the consumer in the position of determining... READ MORE

Although I don't feel quite 53 years old, my face needed a mini uplift. Dr. Rayfield was honest with me, and said I wasn't ready for a face lift; however, he provided me with a liquid facelift, utilizing several various injectables. I didn't look fake; I looked like I just got back from a week... READ MORE

My skin was showing wrinkles around my mouth and my cheeks were flattened. In other words, I was showing my age. How glad I am that I gave up on all the so called firming and filling creams and decided to go to Dr. Wise for treatment. He is a wonderful doctor with a wonderful staff! They are ... READ MORE

Not sure which category to call this so I went with liquid facelift. Anyway, I basically just had a variety of fillers in my face injected by Maggie at Dr. Tarbet's office. Maggie did a good job and the outcome looks very natural; I am very happy with the way it turned out. I am 34 by the... READ MORE

Dr Roberts work is unbelievable! He makes you feel so comfortable and his work is impeccable. I am thrilled with the results of my new cheeks! You are an amazing surgeon. Thank you for making me smile again. The staff were great and they took the time to answer all my concerns. I would highly... READ MORE

I was initially hesitant to undergo this procedure because I didn't feel comfortable after a consultation elsewhere. I wanted a physician with experience, confidence in his skill, and an honest opinion. After viewing several of Dr Nayak's videos I knew I had found all three and then some. He... READ MORE

When did I wake up looking this old? Jeez...time to do some serious Botox and fillers. I guess working my super stressy job did not help my looks and probably robbed me of of much needed beauty sleep! So off I go and made an appointment with Dr. Salemy after reading so many good reviews.... READ MORE

I wanted to feel better about myself. So I went to Dr. Franco to see what he recommended for my face to improve the saggyness. He recommended the Liquid Facelift which is a pretty quick procedure that definitely made a difference. It has been 2 weeks since my procedure and I am very pleased with... READ MORE

Professionally and personally...who doesn't want to look their best? Aging gracefully? I found the answer.. a non surgical solution for my face. .I was nervous at first...but everyone at Clevens Face and Body Specialists made me feel at ease. Educating me about the products and showing me... READ MORE

Age had taken some of the symmetry out of my face, but after getting a liquid facelift from Dr. Ali Adibfar my appearance was changed drastically and for the better. Dr Adibfar worked like an artist and the results are that I look at least a decade younger. He put the volume back in my cheeks... READ MORE

Dr. Rosenthal is an EXCEPTIONAL plastic surgeon who not only achieves his patients’ goals but truly CARES about his patients. My experience with Dr. Rosenthal has always been outstanding. Many years ago he did my breast implants and they look so natural that people can’t tell they are not... READ MORE

I don't believe that Dr. Capone referred to this procedure as a "liquid facelift, " but essentially that is what it was. I have been Botox since I was 29 as a preventative measure, but had not yet delved into the world of fillers. Fillers are very expensive, so,I had avoided getting addicted to... READ MORE

I flew from MA to CA to see Dr. Aharonov after visiting his website and viewing his before and after photos of eye-area fillers. I was impressed and multiple times so now that I am wearing the evidence of this doctor's extreme skill. He is like an artist. He strives for balance, and also... READ MORE

I'm so happy I researched realself and discovered Dr. Ransom! My face is very thin and I needed help deciding what could be done get a healthier, fuller look. While I've had fillers before and the results have been okay, Dr. Ransom did a GREAT job, enhancing where needed to compliment MY face... READ MORE

I had been doing research on who to see on Long Island for my Botox, Fillers, Microdermabrasion etc. I was sick of schlepping into NYC and getting "good" results. Dr. Marotta's name kept being mentioned on the internet and by friends in the area. I decided to take the plunge, and I am overjoyed... READ MORE

I've been dieting and had lost about 40 lbs. so of course my face was sagging and I had some wrinkles. I wasn't ready for a facelift, so Dr. Blinski suggested a liquid facelift. I couldn't be happier. I feel so much better and have so much more confidence. I feel pretty again. My face actually... READ MORE

I have been getting fillers on the Upper East Side for years and while they have certainly helped I have long wondered if I would be better off saving for a facelift because I’ve never been thrilled. It seemed I was just buying time until I was ready to face the inevitable. I was dreading an... READ MORE

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