150-169 Lbs + Liposuction

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How Long Does Recovery from Liposuction Take?

Hips, thighs, back of kneas, waist/lovehandles, and stomach area i weigh 150, and am 5'4" tall and am 23 yrs old READ MORE

What Will Stretch Marks Look Like After Laser Lipo?

I am 24 years old, 5'6, 160 lbs, and had a baby 6 months ago. I reached 218 lbs during my pregnancy and have alot of stretch marks on my stomache,... READ MORE

Liposuction Procedure to Bring out Muscle Definition in Already Lean Patient?

My weight is stable around 150lb, and I'm 5'9" male. Even though I have some visible muscle tone, there is a final, probably 5 lbs of fat... READ MORE

Will Liposuction Help or Hurt a Diabetic Patient?

I am a 5 yr diabetic, which is not well controlled. I weigh 165lbs at 5'4''. Can having the surgery help or harm me? READ MORE

Best Surgery to Tighten / Remove Fat Area Above my Belly Button?

I am looking to tighten skin/remove fat above my belly button. I am 5'7" 168 lbs. I have loose skin/fat above my belly button is saggy. I... READ MORE

Can my Waist Look Smaller Through Lipo for an Hourglass Shape? What Determines if It is Possible? (photo)

I'm 5'7 and weigh 155 lbs and my middle is quite square shaped, and my waist is not very defined. My torso is quite long and my waist is 29 inches and... READ MORE

Too Young for Liposuction?

I am 22 years old and loosing weight has always been a struggle for me. I am 5'1" and I weigh 160lbs. I hate my stomach and my arms. I have... READ MORE

How Long Should I Stay at Home After Lipo on my Belly?

I am 22 years old,female,Asian, 5.5ft hight,and 150Ib.I am going to have my lipo tomorrow,I started doing work out everyday since last month,I want... READ MORE

Can Liposuction Be an Alternative to Tummy Tuck?

I'm a Tummy Tuck candidate, results are likely dramatic, but can't miss work for 2 weeks and have obvious follow-up recovery 1-4 months. Flat abs... READ MORE

Doctor only removed 600cc during liposuction - Will I need a revision?

I had lipo a week ago on abdomen and love handles my doctor only took 600ccs i am afraid i wont have a flat stomach i am 5'4'' and 160... READ MORE

I Weigh 165, but I Am Not Going to Lose More Weight, Am I A Candidate For Liposuction to the Waist and Stomach?

In the last three years, I've lost about 30 pounds. The last time I weighed 165 was probably in elementary school, so I haven't had any... READ MORE

Best Type of Liposuction? Skin Tightening? (photo)

I'm 5'2' and 150 pounds most in saddlebag, thighs and hips. I'm smaller on my upper body. Biggest point of saddlebag measures approx 49 inches and... READ MORE

I Have Awful Legs. What Kind of Lipo Would You Recommend? (photo)

I'm 5ft 9 and 155 lbs, so within the 'normal' range for my height. However, as you can see from my pictures my hips and thighs are very... READ MORE

How to Takeoff the Extra Skin Around my Waist?

I'm 17 years old guy , when i was 13 i was 100 kilograms but i lost weight and now i'm 75 kilograms and my tall is 1.78 cm when i lost wait i noticed... READ MORE

3 Months Post Op Liposuction Inner/outer Thighs and Knees? (photo)

What is my next step. The liposuction did reduce the size of my thighs/sandlebags and inner knee. I am plagued with loose skin and cellulite. I work... READ MORE

Im 18 Should I Get Liposuction?

I'm 18, 5'8 and 150 lbs. I'm very healthy and active but I can't get rid of the fat in my mid area, would I be a good candidate for liposuction? READ MORE

Struggling With Weight. Is Liposuction an Option?

I'm only 18 and I've always struggled with weight. My self esteem is on the floor due to my weight. I've tried exercising and dieting, but... READ MORE

I'm Scheduled for Liposuction on Abdomen and Flanks, and a Breast Reduction. Am I Good Candidate? (photo)

I'm 5'3 155 lbs. 32 inch waist, 41 inch hips, 34 DDD. I'm active, no children. 43 years old. Stuck at this weight. Workout 4 to 5 hours a week,... READ MORE

Wanting to Know What's Best for my Figure, Interested in Liposuction of Abdomen and Flanks? (photo)

I am 22 years old, 5'7'' and 160lbs, thickest part of my abdomen is at navel level which is 36". I have always been unhappy with my figure/shape... READ MORE

I Am a 23 Year Old Male and My Hips Are Too Wide?

Hello , i am male 23 yrs nd my height is 5 ft 8 inches and weigth 72 kgs... My prob is my hip bone size and shape...yes my hip is too wide...my waist... READ MORE

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