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From augmentations and reductions to scar corrections and cleft lip surgeries, there are many procedures available that can correct lip imperfections. LEARN MORE ›
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I had ugly scars since early childhood from an accident. Lately I gained too much weight from prednisone, when it [the prednisone moonface] disappeared I was prematurely aged and my formerly full and luscious lips went flat as a tire: Please be careful with Steroids! They can wreak havoc with... READ MORE

Well I have had so many questions but no answer to resolve my problem. About almost a year ago I was in a abusive relationship and I had unfortunately got my lip split in half. Went to the emergency room and the had stitched my upper right side of my lip with 6stitches on the inside and four on... READ MORE

Hace muchos años me inyectaron una sustancia para rellenar mis labios. La verdad, quedaron muy lindos. A los 4 años me salió una pequeña bolita, casi imperceptible, pero como yo soy perfeccionista, me acerqué donde el doctor César Antezana, que atiende en el Instituto Médico Miraflores... READ MORE

Four years ago I burned my upper lip by accident. I went to get a series of steroids shots, but the scar reappeared. I have consulted with many surgeons, until I was lucky to have found Dr. Andrew Winkler, in AURORA, CO. As today, 23 April2014, the surgery is not scheduled yet. I have to... READ MORE

Unfortunately, I've visited the emergency room 1 too many times over the past 4 years. The last one, I fell on my face and required several stitches. To make things worse for the doctor, I hadn't shaved in the past few days so he had to work through mustache hair.   READ MORE

First off, let me start by saying that I didn't undergo a lip augmentation per se, but rather had some scar tissue removed from my lip from an accident I sustained many years ago. The scar tissue was only prominent when I opened my mouth, but was less noticeable with my mouth closed. In... READ MORE

I had silicone injected in my lips years ago by a false nurse... my lip was blown out and a huge insecurity of mine as it created unsymmetric lips. Dr. Completely transformed my smile and gave me back what I felt was stolen from me for many years of my life as I hid behind this insecurity. The... READ MORE

Never again! The Company Turkey Health Tourism Agency Mister Levent Türer have choose the doc (Dr. Fuat Yuksel) and have organized all. The worst idea I ever had. The result: Wast time and money! I had a fat injection under my eyes and in my lips. After that surgery I have irregular results and... READ MORE

I came in with my lower lip removed by Dr. kantos at river-chase due to a Mchs procedure for squamous cell cancer. Dr Brueck and his nurse Shy were very compassionate and supportive. And re-assuring. He explained the procedure and got me to surgery in a very timely manner. Every visit both Dr... READ MORE

Dr. Parker is an artist surgeon. For 15 years I lived with lip implants (skin from another part of my body) that were too large. My smile was distorted and you couldn't see my teeth. Not one of the 20+ surgeons I consulted, in four different states, would help me, stating they did not want to... READ MORE

I was keen to have 3 dark and enlarging skin lesions removed from my upper lip but did not want to go with the dermatologist's option of shaving each one off one by one where each one would take 3 weeks to heal. Dr.Ho offered me excision of all 3 skin lesions at once under light sedation and... READ MORE

I saw Mr. Paul Banwell regarding a suspicious pigmented lesion on my lower lip. We discussed the option of complete removal with a lip advancement or a biopsy for diagnosis. I opted to have a biopsy which was performed under local anaesthetic. It was very straight forward with minimal swelling... READ MORE

About 14 years ago I was involved in an accident and tore my lower lip from the vermillion border to the inside. I was stitched up immediately but was left with a very lumpy lower right side lip. I also had a lump on the wet part of the area, and was very noticeable when I was talking and... READ MORE

I saw Dr. Scott Thompson for evaluation of a suspicious lesion on my lip. He was very friendly, discussed with me my options, and removed the lesion on the same day in his office. I moved out of state shortly after the procedure, but Dr Thompson later called me personally to discuss with me the... READ MORE

So far Good. I got the surgery on Thursday 11/10/11. I've spent my whole life covering my laugh or deleting photos where my gums were unprotected (I've practiced my fake smile all these years as unprotected my gum line is over 1 inch from where my teeth begin!) READ MORE

Many years ago I augmented my lips with silicone. Over time this resulted in much scar tissue development, leaving me with very disfigured lips. Surgery for this issue petrified me. I didn't want to end up looking worse. I thought there was no way out and I would have to live like this.... READ MORE

Emergency procedure. Dr. E did an emergency lip resection for me in 1994. I was sure I would be permanently disfigured but you cannot tell I was missing 1/3 of my upper lip. READ MORE

If you are like me, with barely a visible upper lip, do not hestitate to have a lip advancement. I only wonder why I waited so long. I look different, but it's a beautiful difference. If someone didn't know me before, they would think it was my natural lip. There is some healing time but... READ MORE

To remove silicone that was injected into my lower lip. READ MORE


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