Nipples + Laser Hair Removal

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Can Hair Around Breast Nipple Be Removed by Laser?

Embarased by hair on my nipples. can it be taken off entirely without damage to my breast skin? READ MORE

What is the Best Laser Treatment for Mens Nipples and Pubic Area Including Penis Etc?

I am tired of shaving all the time and would like to know about laser treatment for a mans nipples and public hair including penis. READ MORE

Can I Use the Tria Hair Removal Laser on my Nipples to Remove Hair?

I recently purchased the some what pricey Tria hair removal laser. Part of the reason I purchased it was because I want to remove hair that I have... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Around Nipple and Breast Cysts

Hello. Can one of the doctors on this board advise if it is safe to have laser hair removal around the nipple area? I have breast cysts and... READ MORE

Switching from Diode to Alexandrite/Nd:YAG on Nipple Area?

I had LightSheer laser (diode)  used for my nipple area. I am considering switching to Alexandrite and/or Nd:YAG Laser. Will I need to have 2... READ MORE

Laser on Chest Burned Around Nipples. Permanent Scarring?

I am very concerned for future scaring and permanant change in color around my nipples! READ MORE

Will Laser Hair Removal on the Nipple Also Remove Acne, or Damage to Breastfeeding Ducts?

Could one of the doctors help me with my issue. I have acne-like semi-hard white stuff in the Montgomery's glands on my areolas. It looks like I... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal: Thin Light Hair Surrounding Thick Black Hair Around the Nipple Area?

I have tick black hair around my nipple area which has gone worse with plucking... however, surrounding those I have thin and muuch lighter hair! My... READ MORE

Laser Burn?

I had laser hair removal around nipple area and when i got home i saw that skin got grayish-brown is some places. The largest burn is about 1 cm in... READ MORE

How many procedures for my armpits? Would this cause breast cancer? Would it be wise to get it done on the nipple area?

I am thinking about getting laser hair removal on my underarms but very nervous because i never had such a procedure done before and i have such wild... READ MORE

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal with a Titanium Biopsy Clip?

I have very small breasts, and had a core biopsy done very close to the surface of my skin next to my nipple. I am looking to get laser hair removal... READ MORE

Will LHR be beneficial for me?

Ok so like most women I have this embarrassing hair in places it shouldn't be on a women. A mustache, on my chin, right under my bellybutton, around... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Around Nipple Safe For Someone With Ductal Ecstasia?

I have ductal ecstasia is laser hair removal around the nipple still safe for me with this condition? Also one doctor said it was safe normally but to... READ MORE

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