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Can I Use a Filler Instead of Botox for Forehead Wrinkle if I Had Bells Palsy?

I had Bells' Palsy a few years ago and have I would say 5% left over droop (no one can tell unless I tell them). In addition, had severe Lyme... READ MORE

Juvederm Lumps the Next Day. Should I Massage it?

I had juvederm injected at the lower corners of my mouth for drooping; next day and i have lumps on the inside of my mouth at both injection sites... READ MORE

Juvederm Ruined my Face, Its Been over a Year and Its Getting Worse, Will It Ever Be Back to the Way It Was?

I had juvederm ultra done on my nasal folds last june a few months later i had slight twiching of lips, then i noticed drooping of upper lip, mouth... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Make Your Eye Bags More Droopy?

I had Juvederm around a month and a half ago, i had half what they recommended being one injection for both eye trough area, and a little in the... READ MORE

Juvederm in my Nasal Folds Caused Drooping, Spasms and Changed Shape of my Mouth. Im Scared It Will Never Get Better?

I was 19 had it done last july one in each nasal fold and one each on side of chin, a few months later my right lip had a slight droop and would have... READ MORE

Restylane for Mouth Corners on a 20 Year Old? (photo)

Hi! I'm only 20 yet considering the use of Restylane (Juvaderm). Despite my young age I suffer from dropping mouth corners, I've always looked like... READ MORE

What Are These Weird Droops in Center of Lip After Juvederm? (photo)

Had juvy in my lips for the second time. I've recently noticed these weird droopy sacs in the center of my lip that definitely weren't there before.... READ MORE

Is fillers an option for droopy face? Or is something more permanent needed? (photos)

Hi I am 37 years old and feel like my face is "dropping". I was thinking of juvederm but wasn't sure if it's the best way to go. READ MORE

Face looking bad after numerous lip injections. Space between nose and mouth looks longer. Advice?

I'm a girl early 20s. I've always had a problem with the way i look and have been "diagnosed" with BDD. I started getting juvederm a year ago, and the... READ MORE

Collagen loss help? (photo)

I'm only 29 years old and my skin looks like this. It's droopy, wrinkly, and very porous. What will help this? Do I need a face lift? I'm scared what... READ MORE

I have a disastrous experience with Botox and Juvederm. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I had both Botox to the brow area and Juvederm to the cheeks last week. This morning I have eyes which won't open properly, and the Juvederm... READ MORE

Juvederm incorrectly placed in nasal labia lines. Any suggestions?

My doctor injected juvederm filler into the lower lines and nothing into the deeper lines right by the nostrils. The effect is my jowls look heavier,... READ MORE

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