1 Month Post-op + Hair Transplant

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Can I Wear Tight Caps 1 Month After Hair Transplant?

Hi all tomorrow will be one month after my hair transplant, it was a FUT surgery with 3200 grafts and i was wondering if it is safe now to wear a... READ MORE

Will Wearing a hat to work after hair transplant effect growth later on?

I took two weeks off work but when I returned to work I been wearing my hat or hard hat im a mounth post op just wondering if I can wear hat or no?... READ MORE

My Transplanted Brows Lasted Only for a Month. Will It Really Grow Back?

I just had a brow transplant over a month ago. But after barely 4 weeks, the transplanted brows are plucking. Only few remains now. Will it grow back? READ MORE

I Am Not Losing Any Hair After 4 Weeks After my Transplant?

Is that common? I did not loose any hair after four weeks. What I know from blog is that all most all transplanted hair may fall within 3 to 4 weeks.... READ MORE

FUE HT Post Op Help Rednees and Goose Bumps? (photo)

I have these small goose bumps all over my recipient area i month post op FUE HT with redness. Is it normal and will it subside? I am very paranoid it... READ MORE

I am post 1 month HT and went to sauna for an hour after 1 month. Am I safe or have i disturbed the Hair grafts.?

I was in and out of Sauna for an hour. Do i disturb my new hair graft follicles or skin? i am post 1 month HT. regards sinu READ MORE

How soon can I use Anti Dandruff shampoo after a FUT/Strip method surgery

Hi dear Docs, I had an FUT/Strip method surgery 5 weeks ago. My doc advised me to not use anti-dandruff shampoo for 6 weeks after surgery. But my... READ MORE

25 days post op, most of the hair fell down. Is this normal? (photo)

Hello, I have completed 26 days and I had fue. From last 3 days, it was itching and irritating When I gently rub finger on my scalp yesterday , most... READ MORE

is it possible that the grafts are not safe or (came out) after one month?

Hey, i have a H.T one month ago and it was fine but there was many scabs on my scalp and after one month i strarted to comb my hair to remove the... READ MORE

Hair grafts coming out after a month of surgery (photos)

Hello doctor I had my hair transplant surgery of 2000 grafts about a month ago but now suddenly after a month i found that the transplanted grafts are... READ MORE

Is it normal to be this red after hair transplantation almost 4-weeks post-op? (Photo)

I had hair transplanted to my eyebrows almost 4 weeks ago. Nearly all the grafted hair has fallen off by now, but my skin underneath is still very red... READ MORE

swelling after eyebrow transplant

I had an eyebrow transplant over a month ago and there is still swelling (looks white) directly above the eyebrow.i'm getting alarmed by this.should... READ MORE

Is it ok not to use finasteride after hair transplant ?

I am 27 days post FUE operation. I am taking Priorin vitamins for 6 months as my doctor prescribed. He also recommends to take Finasteride tablets but... READ MORE

Can I use revivogen after hair transplant?

I got a fue hair transplant a month ago and had 3 PRP sessions before that and one PRP session after the transplant , so i need your advice if i can... READ MORE

I've been using Clindamycin and Desonide Cream, but ny puncture wounds are not healing. Will this heal? (Photo)

After a facial hair implant procedure almost a month ago I have considerable redness and small puncture wounds that are extremely visible. The... READ MORE

Will new holes in my face heal after facial hair transplant surgery? (Photo)

I had facial hair transplant surgery just under 30 days ago. My chin area now has hundreds of holes that have not healed. I did not have any... READ MORE

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