Vbeam Laser Overview

By RealSelf
  • The Vbeam (marketed as Vbeam Perfecta; often written V-Beam) is a pulsed dye laser used to treat skin conditions including rosacea, birthmarks (port wine stains), and broken blood vessels.
  • The Vbeam's laser targets your blood vessels, heating them and causing them to collapse. A cooling spray accompanies the laser pulse to reduce pain from this process.
  • When treating rosacea, you may need to undergo several treatments, each a month apart.
  • Vbeam treatment side effects may include redness and swelling. Symptoms (if present) are usually gone in a week. Make-up may be applied immediately after treatment.

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V-Beam was the worst, most painful procedure i've ever gone through. I would have rather had all my teeth pulled without anesthesia!! It looked like my face had been shot with a shot gun! Couldn't leave the house for close to 3 weeks. Plus, they never offered a numbing cream. Don't do it!!!
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