Sientra Breast Implants Overview

What are Sientra Breast Implants?

Sientra breast implants are FDA-approved and are made of High-Strength Cohesive Silicone Gel. 

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It takes a skilled plastic surgeon to create the perfect look, but only your implant can create the right feel.

Sientra offers both round and shaped (teardrop) implant options. Each uses a proprietary gel fill technology, High-Strength Cohesive Silicone Gel (HSC), with a formulation unique to each implant shape.

The round implant with the strongest cohesive gel on the market, yet soft to the touch.

  • The only round implant made with HSC Silicone Gel for the desired look and feel
  • Offers a fuller, more dramatic appearance in the upper portion of the breast
  • Available with a smooth or texture surface
The first FDA-approved shaped breast implant. Not 
too hard, not too soft.

  • HSC+ Silicone Gel allows the implant to hold its shape without feeling too firm
  • Designed to mimic the natural look and feel of a breast
  • TRUE Texture® Surface designed to maintain the position of the implant in your body

HSC round implants provide a fuller appearance and more dramatic cleavage. HSC+ shaped implants, with a more cohesive gel fill, are designed to create a more contoured, natural silhouette. Each style combines their exclusive High-Strength Cohesive Silicone Gel interior with a durable outer shell to create a soft, natural-like feel without sacrificing the integrity of the implant.

One shape does not fit all. That’s why both HSC round and HSC+ shaped implants are available in different shapes and sizes, so that you and your board-certified plastic surgeon can create the look that’s right for you.
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