Lifestyle Lift Overview

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  • The Lifestyle Lift is a mini facelift intended to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and enhance the jawline
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I paid for a facelift and got a mini lift from Dr Ross in Naperville, Chicago, Il.
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I asked Dr. Ross from Chicago, Il. if he would understand what he did and how he could help me with his surgery he promised to me and did not perform as he promised. I asked for my before and after pictures to send to me and he did not. He did not respond how he robbed me for the money I gave him and the Mental health of being destroyed of his mistakes and lies. I pray that he understands that money is not what life is about , it is trying to help people feel better about their self. It was probably selfish of me to do a face lift and I think I realize that now and pray that God will forgive me. This is my own opinion. Sincerely, Jan
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Janet, I sure understand. You are a brave person to write about your experience. I had a similar experience with a Plastic Surgeon in Destin, FL. I could not write about how bad this Doctor made me look. This was 10 years ago and I still feel the motional pain. I do have my before and after pictures. Anyone viewing them can see how this Doctor made me look like a monster. He was board certified and I thought I did my homework. But I sure made a bad choice by choosing him. I wish I could tell you that time will heal but it doesn't. You can get your before and after pictures. You paid for them and they belong to you. Good Luck, genie
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Thanks, I appreciate for your caring and I will try again for my before and after pictures. Jan
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