Body Lift Overview

By RealSelf
  • Body lift generally refers to a combination of surgical procedures designed to contour various areas of the body by removing excess or sagging skin.
  • Most plastic surgeons consider a body lift to include a buttock lift + bilateral Lateral thigh lifts + abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
  • Candidates for body lift surgery have extra skin which must be removed by excision. This differs from liposuction, in that liposuction removes only fat through small quarter inch incisions, but no skin. However, liposuction may be done in conjunction with body lifting techniques to smooth and contour areas separate from the effects of the body lift excisions.
  • Since a body lift achieves tightening of the body by excising loose tissue (skin and fat), the body lift should be performed when the patient is as close to their desired or ideal body weight as possible

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im thinking about getting a body lift but the only thing is im alil scared but as long as i belive in god these should go good i was 600 hundred pounds in now im like 300 it took me 3 years to lose that much weight on my own then i had my husband in some friends by myside
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