How has your experience been after breast implant removal (425cc mentor silicone implants under the muscle)?

  • danni99
  • 1 year ago

I had breast augmentation about 3 weeks ago and have come to realize that this procedure is not for me. I feel very sad and upset at my self for going through this procedure when in fact I did not really needed it. I regret this decision everyday and now all I think about is to get them removed asap. However, I am very concerned about the removal procedure. How is the recovery and how much is it (average) to get them explanted? can it be done with local anesthesia and sedation? did any of you ladies have had severe consequences after removal? when is it necessary to have an 'enbloc' procedure done?  Thanks in advance...  

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I'm sorry you're thinking implants are not for you! I wish I could say I've never heard of your situation before, but implants just aren't for everyone. Please try not to beat yourself up. It's a life lesson. An expensive one, but one I bet you won't soon forget! 

I believe enbloc is only when you've had implants long enough for capsules to have formed around your implants. Here's more on that.

Please let us know what you decide to do! There's a wonderful group of ladies here who will support you.

Thanks for your support Angiemcc. I spoke to one of my surgeons nurse on friday and she told me too, that implants are not for everyone. She said that I should it give my body more time to 'adjust' to this new change. She said that if after 2 or 3 months I still feel these implants are not for me, then the surgeon will removed them for me for a low fee. I felt a lot better after my visit, however I still think they should come out. It has been a very slow and painful recovery for me. I am very active and I think they just won't fit my life style. My husband wants me to keep them though, especially because he paid for the procedure (i don't work at the moment), he is not too happy about me thinking to have them removed, I hope I can convince him within 2 months or so. I never thought getting a BA would turn into a huge big mess.

That sounds like a reasonable plan. Hopefully your husband will support whatever makes you feel healthy and vibrant.