Supplies for explant recovery

  • 1 year ago

RealSelf member extraordinare, tsauers1, has written a great list of the supplies she used and recommends for breast implant removal recovery. (Please add your own in comments.)

1. Wacoal Sports Bra #855170 for day - lift and molding is key to avoiding a lift.

2. Natori Sports Bra #731050 for night - lift and molding even when sleeping.

3. Johnson & Johnson 3x4 Non Stick First Aid Pads or J&J 4x4 Hospital Grade Gauze Pads - the regular gauze from the doctor's office made me itch and stuck to my incisions - I didn't want to take the chance of the gauze pulling on my incisions when the stiches came out.

4. I had one drain - so I pinned a thin ankle sock around it so it wouldn't rub on me or cause me to sweat.

5. Safety Pins to keep the drain tube and drainage bulb pinned to my sports bra.

6. Colace for constipation since I had general anesthesia and pain meds.

7. Supplemented the Colace with the following to keep regular:

(a) Morning drink of 1 cup hot water with juice of one lemon and 4 tbs of honey.

(b) Morning Whole Grain Bagel toasted with 2 tbs of Coconut Oil instead of butter with Prunes or Oranges.

(c) Also had protein smoothies with fruit and veggies blended in using my Vitamix blender - Nutribullet works great too.

8. Got plenty of the Stouffers Fettuccini frozen dinners to mix with steamed veggies that I steamed before hand - went better with pain meds than a liquid diet. That way whenever I got hungry and took a pain pill, I popped a dinner in the microwave, added the veggies and went. Kept me from getting nauseated.

9. Tylenol (acetaminophen) for when you want to go off the pain meds - most pain meds are a mix of codeine with acetaminophen. Don't take Ibuprofen or aspirin - causes bleeding.

10. Digital Thermometer - take temperature daily - keeps you aware of your body and you get warning if you might be developing infection. You always end of cratering on a Friday after 5 or on the weekend. Most doctors say don't worry unless temp is 101, but if you get a warning that it's 99 to 100 on a Thursday you can go into to their office and they will give you an antibiotic.

11. La Mer - the Body Cream - helps with scarring and firming and toning.

12. Cotton tank tops with light zipper jacket over to hide drains - UGH - that was the worst part of the whole process - dealing with those things.

13. A doctor that will tell you - call, text or email him and the nurses anytime you have any question cause you are my patient and we are joined at the hip until you are happy with your boobies.