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Young Children/Toddlers and Tummy Tuck Recovery

  • mom2twoboys
  • GA
  • 2 years ago

I am scheduled for surgery at the end of March and am nervous about taking care of my two boys--14 months and 3.  How did you deal with this?  My MIL will be coming down for a week or possibly two, to help out.  But, after that it will just be me and my husband, so I am nervous about not being able to care for them.  Has anyone dealt with this? 

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There is another thread about this very topic with several replies. I am 14 days PO from tt with lipo. My husband took 3 weeks off plus mom will help after that. My goal is to not lift my 18 mo old baby for 6 weeks. Get as much help, try for additional sitter needs. Have spouse take vacation time, use parents, in laws..maybe a young daughter of a mommy friend who can come over for a few hours at a minimal cost. Think this through b/c recovery has been tough for isn't for everyone but I can not even imagine dealing with my 4 yr old and 18 mo old without solid help for at least 2 weeks...and of coarse the londer the better. Best wishes to all.
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meant to say the longer the better. :)
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I am too getting a tummy tuck end of March!.... I have twin boys who are 19 months a daughter who just turned 3. I'm looking for some tips and input also. I'm more nervous about the recovery with younge ones.
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I am with you! I am planning a MM in mid March or mid April and have a very active 20mth old daughter. I am having my MIL come stay for one week and my husband will be taking off an additional two days. I plan on locking myself in my bedroom and taking full advantage of the help. I am hoping that will be enough recovery time for me to start managing my home alone. ~fingers crossed~
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