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12 things I wish I knew before tummy tuck surgery

  • 4 years ago

  1. It is going to take a long time to heal. I went in thinking I was going to be up and running in two weeks. What the heck….I am an intelligent woman but this was really stupid thinking. Please plan on taking a minimum of two full weeks off work and three to four if you can swing it.
  2. They tell you that you will have swelling…whoa. That is an understatement so hang tough.
  3. Your clothes won’t fit for a while so don’t think you are jumping into a pair of skinny jeans any time soon. So not going to happen ladies. I guess I had visions of the tummy being removed, fat being sucked out of my hips and running out to a party the next week. Dreamer….
  4. Do not…and I repeat do not weigh or measure yourself for the first 8 weeks. Your weight will most likely be up and you will be swollen and full of fluid for at least the first month. Well the swelling lasts for weeks so hang on tight.
  5. Do not eat Mexican food the day before your surgery! Totally stupid idea on my part. I got to the hospital and while waiting to be taken back my IBS kicked in. Holy mother of God…I really didn’t think I would stop pooping in time for the surgery. I had visions of being on the OR table, ready to be put under and screaming STOP. I need to go poop. LOL
  6. Please let people take care of you and wait on you hand and foot. Don’t be a hero and try to run any marathons or be super woman. Yes ladies we all know we can run the show and manager everything and everyone in our life….but not now! Just surrender to your care takers and heal properly! Oh yes; and if the spouse is not doing things the way you would normally do it just let it go. You can straighten everything out later. Nobody will die if you are not running the ship for a while.
  7. Eat a light diet the day before surgery; trust me on this one!
  8. They tell you pre op that you will have some discomfort for a while after surgery. That is a lie because it hurts like hell. Obviously the people telling you this have never had a tummy tuck. As long as you don’t laugh, cry, sneeze, take a deep breath, move, poop, try to push and pass gas or any other sudden movements you will be fine. Basically just lay in the bed and play dead for about a week and you will be fine.
  9. Ok the pain meds do a number on your system. Constipation sets in quickly and hurts like hell. Make sure you take Milk of Magnesia the day after surgery; or some sort of stool softener. It hurt so bad that I felt like I had an army of little men with swords in my belly. Miserable!!!! I was gripping the rails of my bed as if I was giving birth. This was the time I wished my IBS would kick in. All I wanted was a nice easy pooh.
  10. Three to five hours after you take the MOM your tummy will start to rumble. Please be near a bathroom and start heading there right away. I was moving so slow after surgery that it took forever to get anywhere. Well when the rumbling started I laid in the bed thinking I had time….hmm. Really I swear I am an intelligent person. I couldn’t run so this was going to be a challenge!
  11. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies on hand before the surgery day. You won’t be able to drive to get anything after. I will include a supply list shortly.
  12. Do not watch any funny movies the first two weeks. I made that mistake and it hurt like hell. You do not want any deep gut laughter for a while. My son laughed so hard watching me try not to laugh. I thought he was going to wet his pants laughing. Apparently the face of a woman in pain after a tummy tuck is quite comical to a teenager. The little shit!
If you have any questions please let me know.  You may reach out to me at Kimmers25

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