White Spots Post Laser!

  • breanneashley
  • 2 years ago

I had brazilian laser hair removal done almost 3 weeks ago, there were small scabs around the hair follicle that fell off and in some areas left lighter skin, it's slightly pink so I'm hoping it'll heal and not cause a scar?    Is it hypopigmentation? I've used hydrocordosone 1% as well as some polysporin... seems like it's getting better, but it doesn't look like the rest of my skin. 

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In very few cases brazilian laser hair removal produce some side effects, but its due to lack of inexperience technician.I don't think its hypopigmentation. Apply the aloe vera and vitamin E two to three times daily until your scabs get reduced.
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Hi there, welcome!

There is another forum post here, which is also on this topic and you may find useful. I hope this helps.


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