At 2 weeks post-op can I handle 3 kids?

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  • 1 year ago

Next Wednesday my hubby has to go to an important meeting at work then to a work Holiday party.  He will be gone all until probably 8 or 9pm.  I'll be 13 days out from surgery.  My 5 year old will be gone from 7:40am-3pm, my 3 year old will be going to preschool from 9:30-12:30.  (And I have rides scheduled for both of them so I wont have to drive or go anywhere).  But I will have my 19 month old ALL day.  She's 22ish pounds and takes a nap around 1 as does my 3 year old.  Then everyone will be home and up by 3/4pm.  I could possibly have our babysitter come over from 4-8 and she will put them to bed but I'm wondering if thats really necessary?  I'm 9 days PO now and I def couldnt do it today.  Thoughts?

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I'd go with the sitter just to be safe. How are you feeling now?

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I'm doing ok. Went out last night to my son's Chrustmas program but I was still walking slow and kinda limping. People at school know I had "surgery" just not what kind. For all they know I had leg surgery. I enlisted my mom to come over from 5-8-ish just to be safe :)