What are you looking forward to wearing or doing when you have nice new smaller boobs?!

  • Deb uk
  • UK
  • 2 years ago

Hi All, I hope you don't mind me asking but as i have read the forum and posts, I noticed we all say similar things and have many things in common. Eg, we all comment on how fed up we are having backache, sore shoulders, have waited years to have this done, sweating alot, rashes under the boob area and having to wear horrible bras etc etc...   To keep myself from the fear of BR, I am focusing on the positives, eg; being able (once fully healed etc.) to wear a strapless dress... or any dress! I'd love to wear nice bras in a full 'C@ or 'D' cup... I want to wear tops in colours other than black... i want to pay for bras which are pretty and have 1 or even 2 hooks... (that would be a first...)I'd love to wear tops which fasten at the front, eg; linen shirts, and a 'boob tube' to cover me off the beach on holiday... last of all to feel lighter, not ache or have shoulder grooves and to be able to run, swim and dance without anyone looking at my boobs first... I just wanted to share that with you. Hope you don't mind! x x