Besides wearing comfy clothes, what else should I bring to the hospital

  • J_Newton
  • Newton, MA
  • 1 year ago

I am staying overnight but no one said anything about bringing jammy's. anything a must have? I still can't figure out the underpants thing. Is it better to go with no underwear after, or does the support of a granny panty feel good? Wow never thought I would say that.

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If you are staying over night at the hospital you will probably just wear the stylish hospital gown while there.  Make sure to have something comfy to wear home.  

I did wear the cotton granny panties for a few days.  But honestly it was just more comfortable to go without any panties.  One less thing to deal with for the bathroom and drains..UGH!

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Thanks Kimmers. I am hearing that a maxi dress might be best to wear home vs baggy pants. In that situation, where would the drains go? Would they be long enough to hook up to a bra for the ride home? Love these site, btw, would be lost without it!
I just had my pre op yesterday and was told to wear really baggy pants, like sweat pants, and a button down or zipper shirt with no bra. I'm staying overnight as well and was told the nurse is going to need to be able to dress me easily and putting stuff over my head would be difficult. They also told me to wear/bring warm socks or slippers.

Absolutely!!  You can pin them to the bottom of your bra band.  I did that same thing while wearing the big baggy t-shirts as night gowns after surgery.