Best Ways to "Hide" the Surgery from Co-Workers?

  • MinCO
  • Colorado
  • 2 years ago

I know it sounds silly but I would rather not explain this surgery to others at work.  I am just really embarassed about it??? I have hidden them well and people have always said, "you don't look that big".  My husband will know of course and my parents are coming to town to help.  I will return to work on the 8th day after surgery.  I am a teacher so I am not having to take any additional time off.  My return to work is the same as the other teachers.    (Unless there are unforseen complications...)  Since I have had ongoing neck/back problems, I am thinking of using that as an excuse to be moving a little more slowly, not hugging everyone, not feeling well, etc.  I have always worn shirts that hide "the girls" anyway so I think that the sportsbra (uni-boob) look won't be an issue.  Thoughts?  Ideas?  Thanks!