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Hi all. I know that I (we) won't be exercising for at least 4-6 weeks PO, but I am wondering about swimming. I called my PS's office today and the reception (I don't think she's a nurse) said that she doesn't recommend it.   I have been questioning that in my head today. I mean, water can be pretty easy to move about in, and when you are in it, it's easier on your muscles. My husband is an aqua fitness instructor, and he's known of others who go in the water when they have knee injuries, ankle injuries and the like. Any opinion on water exercise once the doctor gives you the go-ahead to exercise?   Thanks in advance.

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You use your abs a lot when swimming! A girls on the November board tried it at five weeks or so and was incredibly sore. You may wish to start with exercises that don't engage your abs too much. Like walking. I am ten weeks out and walking as been most comfy for me, and a little stair climbing .
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this is true. I was thinking last night that I won't be able to go in the water much anyway, because we'll have compression on it. I was thinking more along the lines of "water exercise", not swimming. The pool I would be going into is 4', and I would be relaxing/floating, walking back and forth, not really swimming laps. thanks for giving me some insight into it.
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Walking back and forth may be ok. I didn't and haven't tried it post tt but that is what I did when my foot was stress fractured and I couldn't run or walk on land. Again, it really depends on how much you engage your abs during an activity. I though recumbent bike would be easy but it killed me after less than ten minutes.
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But as far as compression goes, you could probably wear compression workout shorts in a pool. I personally was told no swimming, hot tubs, or baths for six weeks due to germs possibly getting into the incision.
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