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Vaginal Bleeding after TT?

  • NHGirl82
  • 3 years ago

I just had a tummy tuck done Tue afternoon. It is not Thur evening and I have had some vaginal bleeding for half the day. It is pretty light but just got a little heavier. I feel silly asking this but can it be from the tummy tuck? I also forgot to take my birth control pills the last two nights and just took them today so many I am having breakthrough bleeding from my period?

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i got my period the day after my TT and it was heavier than my normal periods and lasted longer too
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Sounds like breakthrough bleeding... but, I think it might be worth a mention to your PS just to be on the safe side. They know better then anyone if that is something that could have been caused by the surgery.
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I've seen a couple of people mention that after their surgery, their period came early.
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Yep that's your period. Not a result from TT surgery.
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