Upper blepharoplasty suture reaction?

  • Fergie8
  • CT
  • 4 years ago

I had revision upper blepharoplasty 11 weeks ago (the original done seven months prior to that was too conservative so this was an in-office redo, just skin). After the revision my dissolvable sutures were not dissolved at my 2 week follow up visit, but the doctor said they would fall away in the next week or so.

I let three more weeks go by and they were still not dissolved, plus had been painful and crusty around the sutures off and on. I called and insisted on a return visit, and when he saw me the doctor immediately grabbed his tools and pulled out the sutures. That was at about 6 weeks post-op. My scars still look bad and I am left with the expected line plus little bumps all along them where the sutures were.

Is there any chance this will eventually go away, or fade to just a line? I know my doctor will tell me to wait and that it will all be fine. But I no longer have a lot of faith in his truthfulness. Is what I see at 11 weeks what I'm going to be stuck with? And what happened? Did I have an allergic reaction to the sutures or something? Thanks for any advice.

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