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Uneven swelling the cause of nose asymmetry?

  • Sara04
  • New York
  • 4 years ago

Since my revision rhinoplasty five months ago, the two sides of my nose have been very different. On one side, the upper part was huge after the cast came off and remains swollen-looking. The bottom looks OK. On the other side, the upper part is slim, but the bottom part of my nose looks wide and bulky, and you can see the outline of the graft.

Since both sides were treated the same in terms of grafts on upper and lower nose, what accounts for this difference? Could it be uneven swelling?

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I had a closed rhinoplasty 1 month ago to reduce my dorsal hump, and osteotomy to reshape the bones after the reduction. However, now when I look at the right side of my nose from an angle, it looks longer on this side, and the tip looks to be longer on the right side. I was wondering how exactly can one side of my nose look longer, and since I didn't have my tip reduced, why is it swollen??

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I had the tip reduced 2 months ago. I liked the size and shape of my nose when the splint was removed and was told that my nose will be swollen for a few weeks and that i would start seeing improvements after few weeks. I am worried my nose still looks big and nothing what it looked like when the splint was removed and now its getting uneven. Will the nose change back to how it looked like after the splint was removed and how long does it take to start looking like it?

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