Tummy Tucks - Extended Mini or Hybrid Tummy Tuck -

  • HDawn
  • Seattle, WA
  • 2 years ago

Does anyone know of a surgeon who performs and extended mini tummy tuck or a hybrid tummy tuck?   I do not need a full tummy tuck and am searching for surgeons who can accommodate my request. What I do need is full muscle tightening from breast bone down and an umbilical hernia corrected, with minimal skin removal. I am 9 months PP and coming back to the lower 48 next spring, looking to have the procedure done at that time so I can get my midsection into competition shape (figure competitions). I had a cesarean with my almost 10lb baby girl (on my tiny 5'1" frame) and though I did not gain a lot of weight (ending weight was 140), she sat in me in a transverse breech position for much of my third trimester and this did a number on my insides - currently my diastasis is one finger at the largest point, but I am so depressed dealing with my tummy pooch when my body fat is down to 14-16% and I am at 100lbs, I just look like a toned pregnant woman :(  So if anyone has an awesome surgeon to recommend please do, I have had a very difficult time finding plastic surgeons who offer an extended mini or hybrid tummy tuck. Thank you in advance!