Tummy tuck without tubes

  • hotrodgirl59
  • 2 years ago

I've had a surgical consult and my surgeon has told me I won't need tubes after my surgery.  He shared with me that he doesn't cut through the lymph glands in a way that requires drainage tubes.  This limits the scaring and speeds recovery time.  Has anyone had a tt like this (without the drainage tubes)?  How was your experience and recovery.  Curious as to why all surgeons aren't implementing this technique.

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Thank you to both Kimmers and mlccd4ever, I feel good about my decision to go with a drainless procedure.
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I am providing you a link to some great information on Tummy Tuck + drains Questions.  I think you will find this helpful.  

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I had my tummy tuck in Feb. 2012. I am almost six weeks post op. My surgeon did not use any drainage tubes. My recovery is going well. I have a small amount of swelling at the lower portion of my abdomen. My surgeon did stress the importance of wearing my surgical binder all the time except when showering. The tightness of the binder helps the swelling.
I am very glad that I did not have any tubes.
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