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Getting Tummy Tuck Nov 22. Have questions..

  • Mom55
  • Michigan
  • 11 months ago

Some questions I have: Gelzone Garmet Belt with silicone does it help and worth buying? I know everyones recovery is different but I was looking for a runner and seeing how long after are you able to get out an run again? Can I prepare myself with buying anything before hand that you might have wished you had to help with pain? Someone also mentioned sleeping in a recliner and that was more comfortable what do you think?    

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Hey girl where are your before pics
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I am day 10 post op. I have slept in bed and recliner. I usually try to start in bed with large pillow (couch cushions) under your legs and prop up your body. I usually have to move to the recliner in the middle of the night just to change positions. I am much better now than the first week as far as sleep, but as far as was nothing...really (i did not take pain meds). More uncomfortable than anything. Get a walker it helps tremendously.
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