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Tummy Tuck/ Lipo/ Tubal/ 20 Day Post Op and I'm Thrilled!!!

  • Katgirl
  • chicago,il
  • 3 years ago

After those Dreadful Drains :smile: I went today for a 20 day Post Op.. I've received clearence to begin jogging and even some ab work at the gym!! I've lost 5lbs so far considering I'm still a bit swollen and on water pills to drop more weight. I just love my DR! he's really gifted. Never in a gazillion years did I think my stomach and muscles would be back to almost normal. Not that I'm looking to appear 20.. I can honestly say that I'm glad my tummy looks like the AFTER at age 37! I still have a ways to go but i'm starting this year off quite nice!

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All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!
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you look great!
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You look great! I can't wait to be out of the pain stage. I got an infection recently and feel crappy. It's nice to see that there is light at the end ofthe tunnel!
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Hi Katgirl, how do you like your final results? I am still thrilled and sometimes find myself checking to make sure belly isn't back! lol. I can't believe its been 9 months since I had mine and still hard as a rock. I am still seeing Dr. K and hope for a breast aug in the next two months.Hope you are well and enjoying your new outlook on life. :)
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Wow You are really doing well and looking gorgeous....Enjoy!!!!
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You look great, congrats...
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yr results are i hope i have similar results to yours...and only 20 days...fab well done x
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thanks so much Littleolwin!! you will be Fantastic!
:) :)
yes 20 days.. i can't believe it! i'm almost 2 months post op already. time really does get away and i'm still loving my results! especially when i can tuck my jeans in and try on slinky dresses .. Love it!
katgirl, you look awesome.. I am just looking everyday in the mirror as a count to my belly. I have worked extra hours picked up side work to pay for it... My husband is so excited cause he is a gym rat and ready to work out again like we use to.. Your pics amaze me... you go girl
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thanks Jk3ks! you're going to look just as FAB! I'm a gym rat.. well i never used to be but I love to eat so I really got into it after i relocated to Chicago almost 8 yrs ago.. Now i'm addicted to hot Yoga.. and doing high intensity step .. kick boxing.. jogging. .and bike riding..

update us with you Surgery Details :)
Awesome yes my husband and I like to lift weights, well he lifts the weights I basically lift the bar. So my surgery is June 14, 2011. I have the idea that it is going to be painful, but a small scarfice to make a huge difference in my life. I love this website it has really helped me with so many questions and support.
good dont have long to wait now, i am now two weeks post op and doing well..and june the 14th is my 50th birthday! lol
You look so awesome!!! If I come out of my surgery next week looking that good I will be strutting my stuff LOL.
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Looking great, Kat! All that back fat gone too; it's awesome.

I'm 8 weeks now, and I just tried on some clothes this aft, for a party this evening. Two of the tops I considered were almost tight before, but have a bit of spandex to fit snugly without looking tight. :( They both look baggy on me!

I have to pull out an old silk blouse I haven't worn in a zillion years. The only pants I can wear are a pair of black spandex running pants (or whatever they are called) that I bought yesterday. Everything else is too baggy. :)

It's a fairly casual house party, and the silk blouse loose over the black pants will look just fine, with a blazer.

I just quit wearing my binder a few days ago! I have one of those black wide velcro belts you wear to protect your back while lifting, and I wear that over my lower ab, later in the days when it feels swollen. It feels great, but tonight, I'll have to rely on Spanx alone.
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thanks you!! you know, I didn't even get any fat removed from the back but my flanks etc. Dr Katsaros is just a great sculpter. I understand that binder thing. I'm so nervous/excited about this new body that even TODAY april First! 4 days prior to my 1 month, I'm still wearing my compression garment with the binder wrapped around it with some jeans that appear to be loose too! can't believe it!! add to that. I orderd some size 10-12 tops and they are almost to big! but i refuse to add to the over 4K worth of clothes that I've shipped to my sister who thought that it was Christmas in March lol. I haven't put on anything yet and i've been in my yoga pants a lot. some jeans a few times but since i had foot surgery, I'm wearing the japanese jump boot as my husband calls it lol.. well at least it's Black! I wish that I was able to get on the tredmill or something to tone my legs back up but hopefully I'll be doing SOMETHING next week. I'm sure you're just a thrilled! don't get to little where you no longer have those curves and update us on those questions of "WOW!! what have you been doing ?" questions :) thats the exciting part!
Kat I am confused do I need a binder and a compression garment.. are they the same where did you get yours. Thank you
Thanks you guys! Jenjk.. I know.. after a while you wonder if June is so far away!! :) but you go from feeling Drab to Fab in just a few weeks. Like a huge life transformation in only 2-3 weeks afterwards. You wonder what kept you from it before (other than cost haha) and when you think about all of the shopping you may have done, you could've looked great in clothing you have had for years but couldn't wear it anymore. Its still processing in my head right now due to me still wearing my compression garment like super glue that can't be removed :) ha ha ..
I'm sure you will look Fabulous!
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Thanks Iam excited plus working out in the gym I will feel like it is actually going to pay off...
I am having my TT in June so excited. I am nervous but listening to the success stories I wish I was having it tommorow.
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Thats exactly how I feel too! Congratulations on your results katgirl you look awesome!!
You look great! Congrats!
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Girl you look fabulous!!!! Arent you so happy you had it done? Amazing results!! Loook at that side view!! Call me when you get a chance...:)
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Wowsa!!!!! You look amazing.

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Congrats! you look GREAT! you have amazing results =)
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who is ur doctor, is he located in ny.... iam trying to find a really good doctor fot TT/L