TT without muscle repair?

  • Vangirl
  • 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and was hoping that I could get some feed back from people who have had tummy tucks without muscle repair.   A little info...I have had two c-sections and have a lot of loose skin and a shelf above my scar.  My kids are 3 years old and 9 months old.  I can't fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes because of my tummy.  It is very frustrating and being self conscious of my tummy, I wear loose clothing and try to hide my stomach from others.   My husband can take off 2 weeks from work and that is is.  I don't have any other help.  If I tell my family, they will not be supportive of a tummy tuck so I am on my own.  My hubby is supportive.   My question is who has had a TT without muscle repair?  How was the recovery?  Any photos I can see?  I realize that I should get muscle repair but I will not be able to take care of my 9 month old as she is already 20lbs.    Any advice/photos would be great!  Thanks in advance!