I am having a tt in 1 week, I am planning on a vacation 2 months later should I be recovered enough by then.

  • Mary4789
  • Lexington, KY
  • 3 years ago

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Mine also said 6 weeks!
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8 weeks should be fine unless you develop complications. Bear in mind that the first month is hard and you probably won't be able to stand upright. By week 6 you should feel relatively normal and able to gym etc. Remember to protect your scars from the sun for the first year.
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My PS told me that 6 weeks was the marked spot when you feel back to normal.
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Hello Mary, I believe it depends on the type of vacation you're planning.

At 8 weeks post-op, I wouldn't want to be hauling a lot of luggage at the airport or planning a lot of mountain hiking or downhill skiing!

As always, check with your doctor.
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I have no answer for you, but I'd be leery. I just had mine on Feb 2, and have to fly cross-country in mid-May. Even that 3.5 months is making me nervous, but I'm sure unnecessarily so.