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TT & Lipo scheduled for Feb 1st!!!

  • Michele NOLA
  • New Orleans, LA
  • 3 years ago

Nervous & excited!!! Had gastric bypass in March 2009, ready to get rid of the excess skin after my weight loss. Thanks to everyone who has posted on this site. It has helped me prepare for what is in store for me during my recovery. Will post progress as well as pre & post op pics.

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Country Gal

Glad to hear that the drain is coming out today. I couldn't wait to get my drains removed. I don't have any bruising left. I had some lipo done in my hip area. As far as work, I have a job in which I am mostly at my desk all day. Just not looking forward to the increased swelling from being more mobile than I have been in the past 2 wks. Planning to continue to rest this week and hoping to be ready for work next Tuesday.

And thank goodness for the compression garment!!!! It's like a security blanket for me. Feels wierd to have it off for my showers.
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Michelle, that's great!

I saw my PS on Friday, and he said all looked well. I go this aft for the nurse to take the drain out.

My bruising is way improved. I don't know when I'll get belly stitches out. I'm day 12 today, and go back to work on next Thursday, the 24th.

Sounds like you're coming along well, and I hope you improve much before going back to work.
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Just got back from another appt with my PS. 2 wks tomorrow since my surgery & PS says the incisions look great for being 2 wks Post-Op. He used staples on either side of my hips and the glue for the rest of the incision. Staples came out today, and stitches for my new belly button will come out next Monday. Going back to work next Tuesday (2/22). It will be 3 wks after surgery. Still swollen, but can tell I will have a nice flat tummy!!! YAY!!! I am going to post before and after pics sometime this week with a review.
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Glad you're feeling better Michele. Take it easy.

I was Feb 2, but am nowhere near ready to even walk anywhere outside. I'm dreading getting into the car Friday for my 1 hour ride to the doctor's office. I hope to improve immensely in the next 2 days though.
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Good to see you aren't MIA anymore. I have a laptop, so that's the only way I have been able to post b/c the desktop is upstairs & there is no way that I would be able to get up there right now. Hang in does get better. Keep me posted on your progress.
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Hey New Orleans! I had gastric bypass too. So glad I did! Had my tt with lipo on December 13th. Now I can wear just about anything I want! I actually am now trying not to lose weight. What a wonderful new life! Hope you are doing well. Let me hear from you...
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Hey Gracey,

1 week post-op and according to my PS everythibg is healing great. Got the drains removed yesterday (YAY). Now just continuing to rest & going a little stir crazy b/c I am definitely not used to this!!! But I will continue with it so Ii can heal properly. I will be posting pics and a review within the next week or so.
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